5 Best Yoga Poses For a Flat SEXY Stomach

6 Mar



Vacations, weddings, special occasions are coming and you want to be swimsuit bare body ready? Here’s some amazing Yoga poses to help you get sexy abs & get your Zen on! Read more...


5 Best Yoga Poses For a Flat SEXY Stomach

            If you find yourself agonizing over a flat belly but dread the traditional ab exercises that can leave you sore for days, it may be a good idea to try yoga. Yoga helps improve your muscle tone and definition as well as reduce belly fat with minimal effort. Read on to discover the five best poses for a sexy stomach!

best poses for flat stomach tree .jpg

  1. Tree Pose – The first pose that will work your abdominals over time is the tree pose. Balance on one leg and place your weight on the leg touching the ground. Press your palms together at your chest, and brace your abs tightly. This pose, when done right, ensures that your abs stay tighter and stronger while at rest.camel pose for sexy abs stretching.jpg
  2. Camel Hinge- The second pose is called the camel hinge. Kneel on the floor with your knees shoulder width apart. Tuck your toes under and stretch out your arms in front of you. Arch your lower back slightly towards the bottom of your feet, or as far as you can go. This pose engages your abs and thighs and should leave you with a tighter feeling overall.Yoga abs boat pose.jpg
  3. Boat Pose – The third pose is called the boat pose. Lie face up with your body completely flat. Raise your legs as high as possible while keeping them locked together, and place your hands to the sides of your legs. Holding this pose can prove to be tricky, but it will definitely build your core strength immensely and you will have a stronger endurance for other poses. lotus pose with belly breathing for .jpg
  4. Lotus Pose With Deep Belly Breathing- Another pose that will slim down the fat on your stomach over time is called the lotus. Sit with your legs crossed at the ankles, and hold onto your ankles with your hands in whatever way is comfortable for you. Instead of rocking back and forth with momentum, use your ab muscles to move you back and forth. Breathe in as you rock forward, and exhale as you rock backwards with your shoulder blades moving towards the direction of the ground. This pose takes some effort to get used to, but you are sure to see your core strengthened in the long run from prolonged reps of this pose.Yoga abs  side plank .jpg
  5. Stacked Side Plank – The last pose is called the stacked side plank. This pose uses your abdominal muscles to stabilize your body and is a favorite as it is effortless yet extremely effectively. Lying on your right side with your knees straight, place your right hand on the floor and straighten your arm to push yourself up towards the sky. Your body should form a straight line, with your left arm reaching upwards. Holding this pose is sure to keep your body toned as well as target muscles in your core region.

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