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Are You Stuck At Your Current Weight, Body Size or Fitness Level?

18 Apr

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Skinny Thighs


Sexy is The New Skinny.  A 5 Step Curve Creating Program To Help You Trim, Tone & Tighten Your Way To Sexy Thighs!


So was I when I finally got fed up and started looking for scientific answers to my fat round thighs and orange peel dimply skin.  After what felt like endless seeking, I found the answer…. and so much more, that I couldn’t keep quiet.

I had to share it with you and the world.  I can’t rest night knowing that someone like me, who use to cry myself to sleep with a box of ice cream, is looking for a permanent solution to emotional eating and poor body image. I found that   reshaping the lower body requires a complete system of training.

What Is The Sexy New Skinny?

 What a wonderful time to be alive and to be a female who doesn’t have to starve and train like a marathoner to be the perfect size and have a sculpted sexy body.

Have you ever dreamed of being skinny? What about sliding your sexy lean body in a pair of super fun stretch jeans? You can and you will once you understand how close you are to perfection. I didn’t understand it when I was suffering from Bulimia.

Dying To Be Skinny –When I was suffering with anorexia as teenager, all I could think about was getting skinny enough to look good in my cheer and dance costumes and not be afraid of my top slipping up when I did a round-off or a split leap. Little did I know that I was suffering for no reason. I was blindly following the starvation trend at the time not understanding what I was doing to my body and my psyche.

Suicide Hotline to Fitness Icon –  This book gives you the solution to each of those and also includes extraordinarily time tested and usable tools to help you finally lose weight and keep it off permanently.  Most notably from someone was so close to mentally giving up that she called a suicide hotline.

Before Pants

See those giant jeans, Size 16 Petite.  Those are what I  was wearing at my lowest point; pre-diabetic, obese struggling with high blood pressure and stuck in a mindset of poverty and hopelessness. Luckily I survived that ordeal and not only turned my life and my health around, I am blessed to be one of the most decorated and celebrated Fitness Icons of the decade. I went on to become an endorsed Athlete, Fitness Celebrity TV Star and Professional Trainer to professional athletes, entertainers and fortune 500 Executives.  SO when it comes to weight loss and body transformation, I’ve been there, done it and is professionally still doing it!

If you feel like you have been stuck, hopelessly lost and desperately seeking solutions to problems that never seem to go away, with your permission, I would love to help you find solutions too.

Where Did The Paradigm of “Skinny” Come From? Fashion magazines have been a force in driving popular female imagery since the inception of Vogue Magazine.  In the 1960’s a popular British Model, Lesley Lawsen, nicknamed Twiggy, was featured on the cover of Vogue and became an immediate overnight sensation and that fueled the fire of the “skinny craze.

It’s Time or a Paradigm Shift –  It’s time to take control of the media and shift it.

I believe if you want to do something, own it, make it yours! Make it transform to fit your needs and desires. Make it match your and your lifestyle. That’s what I did with this book. I wrote it for all of us who are sick and tired of starving, binge eating and then feeling guilty about it. It’s our turn to redefine what the perfect female shape is. It’s about curves!

Go download your free copy right now. If you already have it, then send the link to every friend and relative you know.  Let’s continue to drive this life saving movement.  It has been sweeping the globe with mass acceptance and an appeal that is totally embraced by every culture.

I got so passionate about this global movement that I made an Iphone App from scratch MY SELF with diet tips, exercises, recipes and the secrets that Celebrities, Fitness models and Entertainers use to look amazing without starving!

I am so excited because it is a total hit worldwide! It is being downloaded across the furthest reaches of the Universe in the Itunes App Store.


Skinny -2 pc red

The Art of Sculpting Your New Sexy Skinny Thighs

The ART of Dance Movement for shaping and defining the body is your secret weapon for reshaping your genetic body.

            A   lignment – You will see proper alignment for each move

            R   epetitions -You will determine the number of repetitions you need.                                  Repetitions for definition.

            T   echnique – You will learn correct technique for maximum                    effectiveness

With the ART of Movement, you will perform exercises and movement that

* Lengthen and strengthen the muscles of your body

* Get twice the results in half the time

* Changes your symmetry and reshapes your figure.

Vertical Training Can Work For You Regardless of Your Current Shape!

 New Skinny Paradigm – Skinny ain’t what it use to be.. I am leading the charge of the new paradigm of what it means to be skinny.  I am redefining skinny for women worldwide.  Women have come into their physical power since the starving sixties and it’s time for a New Skinny to emerge.

What is The New Skinny? As you stroll though history you can see that each era had female figures that were the envy of women and the preferred “hottie shape” of that time period.

Venus – The Renaissance Hottie

Goddess Venus

In the renaissance period, round curvaceous women were admired for their shape.  A voluptuous hourglass was the desired shape.  Women even wore waist corsets under their dresses to make their waist narrow, accentuated their hips and that made their thighs look more pronounced.  When you look at the art of that period, you see how being round with an hourglass. Shape was prominent.

Glam Hams, Sexy & Curvaceous 


Move through time and you see that two generations ago Marilyn Monroe, actress, model and entertainer, the most famous sex symbol of the last century.  She most definitely had an hourglass figure. Her public measurements according to her seamstress were 35-23-35.  She was 5’5 120-140 pounds.  That is remarkable when you consider today’s average runway model is rail thin and has no muscle mass on her legs, arms or butt.

The New Sexy Skinny – Thanks to the love of sports, music, films,  popular TV shows, a diversity of female icons and kazillions of photos, videos and celebrity web sites, we have an entire collection of a variety of women who have set a new bar for what is “the new skinny”.  It’s totally awesome to see all statures, heights, ages and cultures showing us the way to dress up, step out and shine with confidence and style in our beautifully designed bodies with curves and sexy silhouettes.

The New Sexy size is the New Skinny – Popularity has been the benchmark for a body type that is in style.  That body type becomes the desired Role Model in everything from consumer fashion to high school cheerleading routines.

Consider the hourglass shape and sexy size of these current beauties – Rihanna , Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz, Halle Berry, Danica Patrick, Katy Perry, Nikki Minaj, Beyonce, Salma Hayek Eva Larue, Kim Kardashian and the WiIliams Sisters.  AND let’s not overlook the fact that Brazilian Butts , thighs and legs are totally hot right now.

Latin Dance cardio workouts are the rage and thank goodness they are! We need that high-energy flava and style today more than ever.  Starving stick bodies are so yesterday! That lifestyle is debilitating, bad for your bones, skin and hair. It is un-healthy and exhausting! I should know, I did it all through high school!

The New Sexy Skinny – Size Matters – 


The new skinny is calculated based on the statistics and female body types that dominate the media and our eye gate. What we see is what we want to be.

And hallelujah as I travel the world, I see sexy sweet curves in magazines, commercials, as spokesmodels and as films and TV Actresses. We have a body image to aspire to that is. 

Wait until you feast your pretty little eyes on the new stats about women’s sizes. You are going to see that you are closer to the New Skinny than you realize. You will read about them in the book.


 A 5 Step Curve Creating Program To Help You Trim, Tone & Tighten Your Way To Sexy Thighs! They will carry you with grace and style. You will strut in the mall, skip on the beach, work your mini skirt and slink in your booty shorts.

Victoria Johnson – Dance Fitness Video/DVD QUEEN, Professional Trainer, Endorsed Athlete, Fitness Celebrity And Former Food-A-Holic FORMER ANEXORIC EMOTIONAL EATER, FORMER FAT KID, AND THE WORLD’S MOST FOLLOWED DIET DIVA WITH OVER A MILLION VIDEOS SOLD!

Step 1 – Your Mental Game – Confidence is Sexy

Step 2  –  Sexy Skinny Elongating Muscle Stretching Program – Vertical Training Program

Step 3 –  Sexy Skinny Thigh Moves and Exercises

Step 4  –  Sexy Skinny Cardio Fast Fat Loss

Step 5 – Sexy Skinny Anti-Cellulite Diet Plan


Skinny Thighs



You are unique, and if that is not fulfilled, then something has been lost.

Martha Graham



Metabolic Madness? You Need To Do This NOW!

21 Mar

Metabolic Madness – You Must Do This!

This week, I am going to answer an e-mail that explains the benefits of increasing muscle mass which will help you burn more calories.

The more calories you burn, the more fat you will be able to lose. This is why working out is so powerful in a good weight loss program. You can starve your body by restricting your calories to less that 1,000, but that will only slow down your metabolic system causing Metabolic Madness!

Your body will perceive it is going into a famine and will enter into a “self preservation” state to conserve itself. When you break the famine and increase your calories, your body suddenly begins to store extra calories to prepare for the next famine.You can only starve for so long before you lose it and begin to binge on your favorite foods. When it comes to stopping the cycle of Metabolic gain and lose yo-yo dieting Madness, you have to move it to lose it and weight training is one of the best ways to consistently increase your metabolism.

Here’s the question from Margaret, one of our newsletter subscribers.

Good Morning Victoria,  When I do my workouts, which should do toning or  cardio? Or does it matter which one I do. Everyone has opinions and suggestions, but they don’t have a fit body like yours, so I want your opinion. Thanks..Margaret

Hi Margaret,

Thank you for participating in creating your best body ever program and taking the time to write me. You asked a very good question. Here’s my answer.

Don’t Wait to Do Weights!

I went to a party this weekend and everyone looked fabulous. It was a fine display of the concept that when you like the way you look, you feel better about yourself.

Looking good is a matter of personal preference of course. As I observe people I observe how they carry themselves, their facial expressions, their tone of voice, their body language, how they stand, walk and if they move with grace and confidence.

Strong and Beautiful

The strongest looking individuals at this party had good posture and wonderful physiques that displayed various degrees of muscle definition. Even the hostess, who was six months pregnant, looking very beautiful and glowing with life, had toned upper arms, a sculpted back and amazing legs demonstrating the benefit of consistent resistance training.  Here is a photo taken at The Ritz Carlton Training Gym in South Beach, Florida USA. It was at a shoot prep training two weeks ago for a video game charachter. I wish I had permission to show you ALL the peeps that were training that day. When you look at this photo, consider that I was over 180 pounds and shaped like an apple! I had no waist, no lats and no shoulders. This is what weight training has done for my body.

Victoria Ritx Shoot photo

In the beginning of my training career I used heavy weights and even competed in body building contests. I won many contests and I loved the feel of lifting weights.

Unfortunately I built big legs of steel that were thicker than I wanted. Then one day I went to a seminar to hear a beautifully sculpted former body builder, Diana Dennis, and I was immediately sold on her ideas of high repetition training using light weights. Now she was a professional body builder several years ago and magazines loved photographing her because she would strike these beautiful artistic poses. This is an artistic piece taken by Photographer Tom Clark of Hollywood, California. Don’t send me any hater mail about how she is so big. YES, she was big!  She was a professional bodybuilder. Her job was to know how to build muscle. I would not ask a broke person how to make money. So I went to a professional to learn how to build muscle.  I am not advocating that you get big like this photo, I only wanted to demonstrate that she knew the art of muscle building! 🙂

Diana Dennis

I had been lifting at the gym and training my clients, but I had never done the high rep training.  I ran out the doors of the auditorium and went to a sporting good store and bought a set of hand weights that came on a small weight tree and that was the beginning of my new leaner, tighter, smaller body.

I was so excited by this new training philosophy that I created a workout using light weights for sculpting with motivating music and moves that increased the heart rate so that I could burn fat while I was reshaping my body. The result was a workout and a movement that has become a market mainstay, Vertical Training, the Art of Sculpting. One of the specialized Vertical Training programs I designed is the foundation for my Skinny Thighs Workout, in my “HOW DO I GET SKINNY THIGHS” KINDLE and Paperback book. Here is an explanation and benefits.

Resistance Training

weight workout

Resistance training increases muscle strength by overloading the muscles using a weight, such as a dumbbell or barbell. The muscle cells adapt to the extra workload by enlarging (hypertrophy) and recruiting greater numbers of nerve cells to aid contraction. Understanding the principles of muscle contraction can help you reach your fitness goals faster. Resistance training is one of the greatest anti-aging weapons available to you today.

The benefits of regular resistance training include:

  • Increased muscle strength, power, endurance and conditioning
  • Improved body shape and decreases cellulite
  • Increased bone density and strength to prevent osteoporosis
  • Reduced body fat by increasing muscle mass which is your body’s engine
  • Boosted metabolism (burning more calories when at rest) muscles are your engine  – Volkswagon verses a bus..
  • Lowered resting heart rate (a sign of fitness)
  • Reduce blood pressure (helps to reduce the risk of heart disease)
  • Improved balance and stability – more stable base
  • Enhanced performance of daily activities, walking up stairs, shopping, carrying kids, rock climbing, hiking, shoulder bag,
  • Reduced risk of development and improvement of medical conditions; diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis.

You have to go to the radio show and here my explanation of each exercise and how they transform your body!

Metabolic Madness Radio Show

Global Communications

In conclusion, make sure you include resistance training in your program so that you can keep your metabolism up and maintain your youthful physique.

Start a lifting program 2-3 times a week.  Along with your cardio and stretching.

To help you get started, I have listed my Secret Seven Top Exercises. I do these exercises with my clients.  You can try them at home or at your gym. You can get a personal trainer to help you get started.

My Secret Seven:

1. Squats or Seated Leg Press

2. Lunges up the stairs at home

3. Bent-Over Dumbbell Row

4. Overhead Press

5. Tricep Kickbacks

6. Bicep Curls

7. Lat pull downs with tube or the pull down machine at gym


Make it an awesome week!

Love & Hugs!


“HOW DO IT GET SKINNY THIGHS?”  Kindle Book – Lower Body Weight Lifting Exercises All Demonstrated With A Complete Program for Beginners to Advanced!

Skinny Thighs


Best Butt Exercise For Your Booty Shorts

29 Feb

Demolish Butt Dimples  – Here’s our question for the week! Lot of Great tips for you!

Thank you for keeping the books rockin at ALL are now available in Paperback!

Miss Victoria,

I want to thank you for your conviction to getting fit, healthy and having fun doing it.

I am having an “Ask Victoria” revival in my life. I have been dieting off and on for most of my adult life. I got your Quick Start Energy Program and lost fifteen solid pounds of fat that I have kept off for two years.

Then I started listening to all these accept your body image or your body image does not matter people…who by the way are all overweight, and stopped working on my body. They spoke to the lazy side of my personality.

I have been encouraged by them to save money, reach high, give more, help more, realize my potential in every aspect of living…except when it comes to my body I am supposed to just accept mediocrity and dimples!

Victoria, I am improving in every area of my life except my body. I’m BACK. I am ready to take my body to the next level. I have a Brazilian shaped body and I like my shape.

I have cellulite on my thighs and butt. Can you give me some suggestions on demolishing the dimples? I would like a home exercise routine that I could do in 15 to 20 minutes. I have a treadmill and I already use five times a week for my cardio. Can you give me some exercises to demolish these ugly dimples on my butt? ~ Alejandra


Great job permanently losing fifteen pounds! That is fantastic. Your health and your body will benefit greatly for years to come. Keep following the eating plan and modifying it as your taste changes.

It’s so funny how many nutrition people hate the fact that some fruit can actually make you gain fat if consumed at the wrong time of day or if it is combined with simple carbs.

I love writing about “Booty Secret”

Here I am in Celebrity Central “South Beach MIami” where Brazilian Butts are a fashion accessory!

South Beach

Science Confirms Low Glycemic Eating Blasts Fat

Science is a powerful sales tool and combine that with trial and error testing for decades and you have a winning formula for having abounding energy, vitality and a great shape.

I don’t know what’s up with all those people in the media telling you to accept being unhealthy and overweight. I have not seen one men’s magazine telling men to accept being overweight, unhealthy and accept living without an erection.

I am so happy you had a wake up call and that you have joined the ranks of be the best in every area of your life and self!

It makes no sense to me that women would tell other women to settle for anything less than living life to the max and having the body they want! It’s their opinion and they are entitled to it. WHATEVER!

I never write my material or design programs or diets for people who are happy being overweight. I am only addressing people like you and my millions of viewers around the world who love the idea of being in great shape while honoring and valuing their body.

Cellulite Busting Tips

1. Anti-Cellulite CD

When it comes to cellulite, make sure you listen to my Anti-Cellulite CD several times. (It is included as part of the Quick Start Program) There are so many simple but totally powerful tips in it. I swear every time you hear any learning material, you will hear something new!

2. Stand UP!

Sitting on your behind for long periods of time makes the muscles spread wider and softer which leads to more cellulite forming. Be aware and conscious of your lifestyle every day. Once you are aware of something, you can change it and create a better and more effective habit.

3. Increase Circulation – Walk, move, dance and hop around. Do anything that increases circulation to the area you want to shape and tone.

4. Drink Up! – You already know that I am going to tell you to drink more water to help you flush out your system and keep your skin looking fabulous!

The exercises below are popular with female fitness competitors and they won’t change your curvy Brazilian figure.

There are fantastic exercises that many fitness competitors do to erase the awkward appearance of cellulite.

Here are your perfect exercises that’ll prove to be effective when you do them regularly, thereby eradicating the toxins that get flushed, underneath your beautiful Brazilian skin.

The more you follow a Good Healthy Glycemic method of eating and continue your cardio exercise, the faster you will get rid of that ugly “orange peel syndrome”.

To help you tighten your rear end and keep cellulite off your butt do this amazing toning and conditioning exercise.

Make sure you pay attention to the muscles you are working and feel them tighten so that you’ll literally see and feel changes right before your eyes.

Best Butt Exercise – Dimple Demolishing and Effective

To warm up and increase circulation after you have stretched,

Stairs/Steps: Place your one foot up on a step 6-8 inches high; gradually step up and down staying on one side. Then switch legs.

* 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions per leg for 3 sets.

If you don’t have a step, use your stairs or porch. You can do this several times per week.

Rear Leg Extension

Standing tall holding onto a chair, wall, bar or whatever you wish for balance and to stabilize your spine.

Extend your leg back while squeezing the buttocks.

2 sets of 10-30 repetitions for each leg or as many as you can do then repeat on other leg.  Starting with two sets is good. When you have the energy and strength, do more. Sets and reps are guidelines.  Your body is unique and may need more or less.

Check out the video demo!

Use Your Power!

Stay true to your desires and don’t ever let anyone else persuade you not to follow your core values. We have a tendency to want to please other people so much that we put our own life and ourselves last.

Your body and your health is your most precious tool. You can’t accomplish anything great if you are sick, unhealthy and spending all of your money on medical bills.  Get healthy and reclaim your energy so that you can live and enjoy every moment.

The world will never be the way we knew it yesterday. The news will always be negative. Turn it off and know that things are changing every day but so are you. train your body to be a strong and powerful machine so that you can live in the body you want without pain and suffering.

Use whatever motivational tool you can to get moving and get totally fit. If cellulite is the drive you need to get your a** moving and take control of your health and energy, so be it.

Do It Your Way

Don’t let anyone judge you or tell you that you shouldn’t put too much energy into how you look. People that say things like that are either unmotivated themselves or they just don’t get it. That’s their opinion. You don’t have to receive it or accept it.

I will never back down from the science and personal experience with eating a certain way that gives me a tight hard strong and energetic body. Neither should you.

There are millions of other programs and people to listen to. You have to be true to your body type and goals. Your support and the support of all reading this have been awesome and you are all very special to me. We need to stay together and pump each other up so that we can go forth in strength and power.

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.- Albert Einstein

I am living life on my own terms and will not be persuaded to become lazy and slothful in any part of my life. I am disciplined and diligent in all aspects of my life. No one lives in my skin but me and I have to live authentically to my beliefs.  So do you.

You have to take that kind of attitude when it comes to your health and vibrancy too.

I know you can take your body to the next level now. Now that you got your fire back, don’t let anyone else ever put out your flame!


For More Butt Training and Thigh Makeovers check out my book “HOW DO I GET SKINNY THIGHS” and find out how and why SEXY IS NEW SKINNY! It hit the top of the charts for weeks and had fantastic reviews. It is a welcome paradigm shift in the world of fitness. So much so that the requests for an IPhone app prompted me to put everything on hold to answer the thousands of requests. It will be out in October!



Your Celebrity Trainer

Book Cover How_Do_I_Lose_Weight_Now_5 copy     Blog How Do I Lose Weight App

Quickstart Program: Paperback Version

QUickStart How DO I Lose Weight App Free on Amazon……….

and iTunes 

4 Jan

HOW DO I GET SKINNY THIGHS?                                                                                                       

Sexy Is The New Skinny  Global Campaign

New Skinny Paradigm   – Skinny ain’t what it use to be..

 I would like to usher in a new paradigm of what it means to be skinny.  I am redefining skinny. Women have come into their power since the sixties and it’s time for a New Skinny to emerge.

REVIEWS:“Went down one size already and now able to wear those skinny jeans in bright colors.

I am always looking for better ways to improve myself.

It’s a good book for anyone of any age, shape or size who wants to improve their legs.

What is The New Skinny? As you stroll though history you can see that each era had female figures that  were the envy of women and the preferred “hottie shape” of that time period.

In the renaissance period, round curvaceous women were admired for their shape.  A voluptuous hourglass was the desired shape.  Women even wore waist corsets under their dresses to make their waist narrow, accentuated their hips and that made their thighs look more pronounced.

When you look at the art of that period, you see how being round with an hourglass Shape was prominent.

Glam Hams, Sexy & Curvaceous

Move through time and you see that two generations ago Marilyn Monroe, actress, model and entertainer, the most famous sex symbol of the last century.  She most definitely had an hourglass figure. Her public measurements according to her seamstress were 35-23-35.  She was 5’5 120-140 pounds.  That is remarkable when you consider today’s average runway model is rail thin and has no muscle mass on her legs, arms or butt.

Thanks to the love of sports, music, films and popular TV shows, and kazillions of photos, videos and celebrity web sites, we have an entire collection of a variety of women who have set the bar for what is the new skinny.  It’s totally awesome to see all statures, heights, ages and cultures showing us the way to dress up, step out and shine with confidence and style in our beautifully designed bodies.

There is a New Sexy Size That is the New Skinny! Get the book now and be a part of this global movement. 

Popularity has been the benchmark for who is in style and who is the desired role Model in everything from consumer fashion to high school cheerleading routines. Consider the hourglass shape and sexy size of these current beauties.

Rihanna , Penelope Cruz, Halle Berry, Nikki Minaj, Eva Larue, Beyonce Salma Hayek, Kim Kardashian, Serena WiIliams  and Scarlett Johansson.

The New Sexy Skinny – Size Matters!!  


The new skinny is calculated based on the statistics and female body types that dominate the media and our eye gate. What we see is what we want to be. And thank goodness we have a new skinny to be

Maybe You Are Closer To Skinny Than You Think

There are new statistics that show women are larger in size and have bigger frames than they did twenty years ago.  Get my new book to find out more..

Skinny Thighs


A 5 Step Curve Creating Program To Help You Trim, Tone & Tighten Your Way To Sexy Thighs Fast!  by Victoria Johnson

Your tight and toned new thighs will carry you with grace and style. You will strut in the mall, skip on the beach, work your mini skirt and slink in your booty shorts. Program includes

Step 1 – Your Mental Game – Confidence is Sexy – A guide to help you get your head in the game!Vertical Training Program – This is so revolutionary, you will begin to feel the tightening effect immediately.

 Step 2  –  Sexy Skinny Elongating Muscle Stretching Program Super sculpting and surprisingly easy

Step 3 –  Sexy Skinny Thigh Moves and Exercises – There are the most effective moves in the world all in one place!

 Step 4  –  Sexy Skinny Cardio Fast Fat Loss- Learn how to get your groove on and burn fat fast!

 Step 5 – Sexy Skinny Anti-Cellulite Diet Plan – Kiss your lumps, bumps and dimples good-bye baby!


WOOHOO!!! COMPLIMENTARY FREE COPY ON Wednesday May 29, Thursday May 30  and  Friday May 31~~

Send the link to this blog to friends, relatives, associates, anyone you know who is into sports, cheer, dance, fashion or wanting to get in better shape and support women loving themselves and improving their body image. Please help me spread the word.


With Love & Hugs



Beat The Binge To Control Holiday Bulge

19 Oct


Holiday Cheesecake

This is the beginning of the season of eating and drinking fests disguised aka holiday celebrations.  What’s one to do with all those yummy appetizers and luscious desserts?

Or as I like to call them appe-teasers? 

I used this photo becuse I love Holiday Cheeseake. But I only eat it once durign the entire season.

Everywhere you go someone is tempting you with something that will surely make your body bulge in every direction.  It’s so hard to turn down granny give you some more even when you say you are stuffed lovey bunny.

If you don’t want to have to borrow a super size outfit for New Year’s Eve, you need some strategies to survive this sparkly decorated food season.  I have some ideas for you.

Believe me, I will be right there with you saying no and using my toolbox of tricks to make sure my body doesn’t for into bulge mode for the western New Year’s Eve.

How to Control Your Overeating Tendencies

Pure willpower seldom works when it comes to controlling what you eat. Instead of trying to play Zen-master and tap into your inner willpower, use some of these tips instead.  You wont beat yourself up later for giving in and you wont have to spend an extra hour on the treadmill.

 These four strategies are simple to use and will have a profound impact on your eating habits.

1. Eat Slower

The body has a built-in system for detecting when a meal is “finished.” One of the tools your body uses to measure when a meal is about done is time.

 Did you know that if you took 20 minutes to eat a burger, you’d probably feel more full than if you took 5 minutes to eat both burgers and fries?

Eat slowly. In fact, when you’re establishing the habit, try setting a goal for how long you want to take to finish a meal.

By eating slower, you give the satiation center in your brain more time to send a signal to your stomach that you are fulfilled and full.   you feel like you’re eating a lot of food, even if you’re not. You’ll get full while still eating less.

2. Turn Off and Tune Out Distractions While Eating

One reason a lot of us overeat is that we’re simply not attuned to our body’s “full” signals. Our bodies may be telling us that it’s had enough food, but we just don’t hear or even worse, LISTEN to the signals.

One common reason for this is because of outside stimulus. If you’re watching the latest episode of The Crazy Unmarried Housewives of Suburbia Drama Queens show or chatting with a friend on Facebook while eating, it’s very difficult to hear your body’s messages.

 To stop bingeing, over eating and overstuffing yourself, try eating with no distractions.

I know it sounds crazy, but try it.  Actually set a place at the table, use a smaller plate and bowl, cup or glass and sit with self-dignity and honor.  Enjoy your SELF and your just simply take the time to nurture and nourish your body.  Pay attention to your body’s signals and listen when your body tells you it’s full.

Your body is actually a very well tuned device, designed to be able to self-regulate how much nutrition and calories it takes in. If you reduce distractions and learn to listen to its signals, that alone could change your eating habits.

 3. Eliminate Appetite-Stimulating Foods

For the rest of the western year, try eliminating all foods that chemically stimulate your appetite. Try it everywhere you go; at work, at home, visiting friends, family or frenemies,

What foods are these you ask?

First there is simple sugars food, foods that are high on the glycemic food index. Basically, any food that’s considered a “junk food.” This also includes fast food, microwave dinners, chips, candies, sodas, etc.

These foods are deliberately engineered to be mildly addictive, spike your blood sugar which then causes it to crash like the Titanic and that sends you into a never-ending eating cycle trying to get to a place of centered again. HA! The only thing that does is increase the center (midsection) of your body with life robbing belly fat!

Those foods also interfere with your body’s natural appetite and “full” signals, in addition to packing on massive empty non nutritious or body healing and nurturing calories.

4. Drink That Water Baby!

Often times when you feel like you need to eat, it’s actually your body’s signal for water. Do you know that the average person is walking around dehydrated? It not only sends miss-interpreted signals, it makes your skin wrinkly, causes more cellulite and reduces circulation which can cause varicose veins, constipation, dry eyes and a host of other yucky afflicting female stuff.

If you’re perpetually dehydrated (as many people are), your body might “believe” there’s not enough water to go around and constantly send signals for water and food.

Instead, try drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day for 2 weeks. You’ll be surprised at just how thirsty you are once your body realizes there’s enough water to go around.

If you really weren’t hydrated enough and you start hydrating your body, you’ll quickly find that your appetite will drop, you’ll start losing weight and you’ll have more energy in general.

There It Is!

These four techniques can help just about anyone to control overeating. Pick the one(s) that appeal the most to you and put them into action today.

I want you to have a fabulous holiday season. I want you to head into the New Year motivated, healthy, fit and sexy!  I want you to be the talk of the New Year’s Eve party.

I want you to have fun without tugging on your clothes, or wearing a blazer or sweater trying to cover up your muffin top or too much hang-over! The only hangover you should have is the day after New Year’s Eve because you partied you’re a** off


Victoria, Your Personal Celebrity Trainer

Plateaus and Pitfalls Part – Re-Engineer Your Genes For Skinny Jeans

15 Jun

 Re-Engineer Your Genes For Skinny Jeans
Developing your best body is a science, and cannot be left to chance. I’ve spent over a  decade of my life researching and helping people achieve their mental and physical goals. Genetics are a factor but can be manipulated to help you succeed.
When I was tipping the scales at 170 pounds plus, I was told  had big bones and would always be heavy because others in that bloodline were heavy. NOT! I went on to lose over 60 pounds of ugly life sucking fat and have NEVER gained it back and never will. I am a permanently lean person now because I choose to and will always choose to. So can you!

Been There, Still Here!

I know there are a sea of experts out there. I happen to be one who has been so fat I couldn’t see my feet and tried every diet under the sun. If you are ready to break thorough a plateau of stagnant fat and take your body to the next level, then you want to revisit the low carb fast fat loss methods.

Tap into the years of experience I have and use it for your advantage to take away any guesswork.  Use it to make your dream body a reality in record time. Don’t waste another minute complaining and excuse making, keep reading and start achieving.

I am giving you some tips that help you get started today. You have nothing to lose except fat!

How many times have you said this to yourself?

I’m eating a low-calorie, low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet. I’m exercising 5 times a week. I’m doing everything right and I’m still not losing any weight. Why not?

That’s the million dollar question asked by plateau campers (people whose scale has camped on a certain number and no matter what you do it will not go down) everywhere. You seem to be doing everything right… and yet it’s not working. There are several factors that can trip up your best weight loss efforts. If you can identify and conquer them, you’ll be well on your way to life of healthy lean living.

Let’s start with your exercise program...

Been doing the same thing for a while? Getting bored maybe? When your routine becomes ho-hum, your body quickly adapts to it and your results are less dramatic. So, if you always do the same aerobic activity at the same intensity, or you always do the same circuit of weight machines in the same order… Stop and change it up. Variety is a good way to shock your metabolic system and spike your fat burning fires.

When I had the joy and luxury of teaching private classes, I would always change up the intensity of the workouts so that my awesome clients would keep their bodies guessing and that would keep their fat burning at a high level.

Do Challenging Cardio

Whether you’re trying something new or just spicing up the old routine, progressively increase the intensity. This might mean incorporating an occasional hilly route into your bike rides, intervals of slow jogging into your walks, adding some free weight exercises to your machine workouts, or signing up for a spinning class instead of reading magazines on the stationary bike. Just remember to keep it interesting and keep it going.
If you love pilates, but your butt is still covered with fat, skip a few classes and do some cardio instead. You must do cardio along with your low carb fat blasting eating plan to burn stored body fat and help your skin shrink as you lose.

To keep seeing results you need to present your body with new challenges. It’s important to try new things. Please choose activities that you genuinely enjoy, and exercise at an intensity that challenges you. If you don’t enjoy it and it makes your body change, do it anyway!

Pump it up!
Light weight resistance training is the cornerstone of a woman’s lean body and a fast metabolism. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories your body burns throughout the day. If you’ve been doing tons of cardiovascular activity, but slacking on the light weight for sculpting and shaping your body, that could be one of your sticking points. On the flip side, if you’ve been faithfully pumping heavy iron but you can’t get shed the fat; perhaps add more aerobic activity.

The two types of exercise perfectly compliment each other. The weights sculpt and shape the body, and the cardio helps you blast the fat so that your defined muscles become visible as the fat is burned away. Together with elongating stretching, they form the basis of any well-rounded program so that you can build a beautiful lean body.

Food is the Foundation
The critical factor in successful weight loss is your diet. Success of any body changing and health-increasing program is that success is mostly nutrition with the secondary factor being physical training.  Basically you can have the best personal trainer on the planet with the best training routine ever, but if you’re not eating right, your results will suck. You will never have the body you want without the right fat burning diet.

To change your hips, abs and butt, you have to look at what you are eating, how much you are eating and when you are eating it. You have to analyze everything and become the master of knowing your metabolism and your metabolic response to the foods you decide to eat every single day.  You  know what you are doing don’t you? Have you been taking in too many calories? Have you not been eating enough healthy, anti-aging, anti-cancerous and fibrous calories? Do you start off fired up to diet on Monday morning and deny yourself all day only to binge on Wednesday night?

Sugarholic Carbo Queen?
Are you consuming an overabundance of highly processed carbohydrates? Is your protein intake adequate for your size and activity level? Have you perhaps gone overboard by trying to eliminate all fat from your diet? Do you eat large quantities of “good” foods without ever feeling truly satisfied? Can you remember the last time you ate a huge serving of fresh vegetable every day?

Whichever eating plan you choose, be sure to adjust it accordingly depending on how you feel and how your body responds. Don’t ever blindly follow a rigid “diet” based on massive media hype. Be informed and focus on powerful positive changes. That is why I created my Quick Start Low Carb Fat Blasting Program. When I was obese, I know that I needed a program that I could see and feel positive results immediately. That is what gave me the motivation to continue and still use today myself and my clients of all levels.

Plateau Breakthrough Tips

➢    Drink 8-12 8 oz glasses of water per day.

➢    Graze – Eat several small meals and snacks a day (3 – 6) to keep your metabolism elevated and your blood sugar stabilized. This will in turn help you cut out snack attacks throughout the day. Don’t go more than 5 hours without eating something healthy.

➢    Protein Power – Make sure that your protein intake is adequate. Your protein needs to be a minimum of 20-30% of your total dietary intake.  Choose lean protein sources such as white fish, chicken without skin, egg whites, protein powders and protein shakes made out of whey and soy protein.

➢    Stop the Sweets -Watch your intake of highly refined carbohydrates that are sold as fat free products such as fat-free cookies, rice cakes, other fat free snacks and definitely white bread. Try to replace them with heartier grains or legumes such as bran, natural sprouted whole grain breads, beans, lentils, and other unprocessed legumes. They are higher in fiber, protein, and other nutrients and they enter into your blood stream more slowly, providing you with a longer lasting more blood sugar balancing source of fuel.

Fatten Up – Don’t be afraid of heart healthy monounsaturated fats like those found in olive oil, nuts, seeds, and avocado. The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are quite beneficial as well. A little bit of fat will slow the entry rate of carbohydrates into your blood stream, keeping blood sugar stable and helping to reduce hunger, mood swings, and cravings.
Include a little protein, carbohydrate, and fat with each meal or snack. You’ll be more satisfied with your food and less likely to get hungry between meals.

Eat a variety of different foods and don’t get obsessive! Eat well the majority of the time and enjoy some occasional treats.

Get Fired Up – The final, perhaps most important factor in you beating your genetics and winning at weight loss success is your attitude. You have to believe you can succeed. You have to feel great about what you are doing. You must stay excited and positive about every single pound lost, inch loss, energy improvement, longevity you are securing, peaceful moment knowing that you are taking care of your body, your sacred temple.  The most intricate gift of life that you have been blessed with is your physical body.

Be aware and listen to every signal your emotions are sending you.  Stay alert and recognize your mental and emotional connections to food and exercise, both good and good. If you find yourself sitting in front of the computer snacking on garbage spending endless hours doing nothing that is bringing you closer to the body you want, ask yourself why.

Everything Counts

Every calorie you eat counts.  You have to identify and acknowledge your fitness blocks before you can take positive action and change them. Remember that you can’t continue doing the same thing the same way and expect different results.

If you want change in your life, you have to permanently change your beliefs, habits and actions. You have to do the right thing at the right time with the right intent to be successful.


Decide that you will do whatever it takes to get fit, healthy, energetic and happy.  Decide in your heart that you will no longer let others determine your health or your destiny.  Get focused and get in the driver’s seat of your life.

Don’t ask anyone’s opinion, this is about you, your life, your health, your self esteem when you look in the mirror.  It is time for you to simply believe that you matter and the way you feel about yourself is a priority.

Everyday I sit at the beach and meditate on how grateful I am for finding the solution for permanent weight loss. You can come and join me. There’s always room for more winners who break through! I am inviting you to live the life you dream of and have the body you have always wanted.

Your life can and will be great when your body looks and feels different by making powerful choices about your nutrition, exercise and mental thinking.  This is your day for a breakthrough.  Break through old negative thought and habit patterns and bust through that old limited plateau and be the greatest you can be starting now!

You WILL Do it!

Victoria Johnson
Rock Star Celebrity Trainer

Booty Shorts Diet Secret

1 Jun

Jessica SimpsonLow Carb Fat Loss Diets Makes You Sexy and Strong.That is want helped Jessica Simpson look hot in her Daisy Duke Booty Shorts!Pop star Jessica Simpson started a lower carb diet and a booty shaping exercise routine to get in shape for her role as Daisy Duke and to prepare her to wear “Daisy Duke’s” signature short shorts (AKA-Booty Shorts) in the movie Dukes of Hazard movie.

Her workout includes two hours a day of squats and lunges and has motivated her to create a new Courtesy of Warner workout video. “I have a white-girl booty, so I’m doing all my squats to lift it a little bit and get some junk in my trunk,” says Jessica.

It is so awesome to constantly see proof of healthy carb eating using the right FEMALE principles yield such amazing results. I just read a great article about how reducing the bad fat building carbs in your diet can help you lose weight faster and easier! Hallelujah.

I just got three emails from these highly financed, old, out of touch, negative, so last year, organizations telling me to “eat whatever I want” and “lose weight”. What line of marketing bull! Continue reading

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