6 Best Yoga Poses For a Round Butt

9 Mar

best-yoga pose for round butt .jpg

You want a round butt, flat stomach and firm skin for the perfect Hourglass Figure. These are some great yoga poses that can help you lift, shape and tone those buns!


In today’s day and age, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. One thing that will never go out of style is a rounder, tighter butt. No matter what age you are, the key to a rounder butt is a good diet, eliminating cellulite, firmer skin and consistent toning with great workouts that burn fat and specific exercises that target your behind. I love yoga because it has so many benefits plus it shapes and tones your muscles. Here are the six best yoga poses that will get you to your sexy yoga booty goal! They are poses

I love yoga because it has so many benefits plus it shapes and tones your muscles. Here are the six best yoga poses that will get you to your sexy yoga booty goal! They are poses and moves that you can play with and when you take a class you can smile to yourself knowing that you have a secret! You are building a sexy rear while you’re getting your ZEN on!

poses for a round buttt kneeling leg ift .jpg
  1. Kneeling Leg Lift – Our number one yoga pose for a better butt involves the hands and knees with a target of leg lifts. Getting on your hands and knees, lift each leg in an alternating pattern while keeping your hips square. Extend the leg up towards the sky as far as you possibly can. Repeat this exercise up to ten times on each side until you feel a burn.

yoga butt down dog Glute lift.jpg

  1. Downward Dog Leg Lift – From this first position, rise up from off your knees into a downwards dog position. Try to make a triangle shape with your body, or as narrow of an angle as your body will allow you. Extend each leg up and back, hold, and release. This exercise will make you stronger and more flexible as well as have a natural butt lifting effect.

Yoga butt chair pose.jpg

  1. Chair Pose – Our third pose is called the chair pose. Like a squat, you begin in a standing position, but keep your legs close together. Place your weight on your heels and put your arms in front of you for balance. Squat down until you feel a pull in your rear muscles or your hamstrings.

yoga butt Warrior lunge .jpg

  1. The Warrior – The fourth pose is called the warrior. It improves balance and concentration as well as giving you a tighter burn along the outer hip muscles. Lift your leg as high as your body will allow while keeping balance by stretching your arms out to the side. If you have cellulite, this pose is optimal in getting rid of those pesky lines.

yoga butt crescent warrior .jpg

  1. Crescent Warrior – Similarly, the crescent warrior is the equivalent to a lunge, but in order to engage your rear muscles even more, focus your weight on the hamstring of the leg you are extending. Hold this pose briefly for several reps and you will see results in no time.

Yoga Butt locust pose-.jpg

  1. Locust Pose – The last pose is the locust pose. Lie down on your belly with your arms stretched out in front of you. Lift your arms and upper torso off the mat, slowly bringing your legs above the rest of your body. This pose, although challenging, is extremely beneficial and will get you to a tighter butt in no time.

There you have it, 6 yoga poses to help you get a nice round butt! Yoga can be an extremely helpful tool for a rounder butt. Try out these moves and see what works for you! However, if you’re looking for a quick fix to your problem areas and want to tighten your skin in just a few days, skip the extra work and reach for the #1 dermatologist recommended Anti-Cellulite and Slimming Cream. It’s guaranteed to break up fat and tighten the skin in your rear, leaving you with the toned appearance you’ve always dreamed of.

Have fun getting fit, happy and healthy!




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