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5 Tips To Beat Belly Bloat & Lose Fat Abs

2 Feb

Probiotics For Women’s Health Issues and Clearing Up Acne

giselle Uses Probiotics for Acne & Beautiful Skin.jpg

Giselle Brazil Super Model actually had acne like the rest of us? Her Secret Super Skin Solution: Probiotics for Beating Acne & Working Towards Gorgeous Skin! Read more….


tom brady and giselle brazil super model uses probiotics for acne

Giselle, Brazil Super Model and Tom Brady make a great couple. Did you know that Giselle Had acne and what did she do about it?

Giselle Using Probiotics for Acne Too?

Amazing, we know that you can use probiotics to help your digestion, help stop yeast infections and beating colds and the flu, but now we found out that Giselle Uses it for clearing up acne. Read more about the fantastic benefits of Probiotics here!  Click here: Giselle and Probiotics


How To Stop Bloating, Gentle Solution To Constipation and Lose Weight at the Same Time! There are some great ways to take care of all of them at the same time. Don’t wait to get relief, start today.

 Introducing Probiotics Complete Tea!

The Best Selling Total Detox, Skin Repair, Weight Loss, Immune Builder and Women’s Solution to Feminine Yeast Infections on the Market! Check it out now!

It’s so revolutionary, Amazon Is featuring it as a Lightening DEAL!

Probiotic Tea

Probiotic Complete, Total Detox, Cleanse, Weight Loss and Immune Builder All in one. $300 (cost of premium high-grade ingredients if bout separately) worth of Health all in one Bag!

Get Healthy Gut Probiotics Beat Bloated Belly and Lose Fat On Abs and Can Help You Create a Sexy Waistline and Get a Flat Belly!

Beat Belly Bloat Probiotics 1

Victoria, I have a round thick waistline and I would like to lose some fat and reshape it. What should I do? 
- Aisha,

Answer: Great question. Healthier hourglass figures are in and you don’t have to starve to have a skinny waist and sculpted hips, shoulders and flat abs anymore. Please take ten minutes and read through tis entire post. It may be one of the most important ones I have ever shared. It literally saved my life. I was so unhealthy, bloated, gassy and unhealthy. This information turned it all around for me. I hope it helps you too.

Figure-hugging fashion is so sexy and fun to wear. It’s not very pleasing when you put on a hot outfit and you look like a big round egg. 

When I was obese, I hated being bloated, puffy and hiding under blousy tops. Lol!
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Green Smoothies For Detox & Fast Weight Loss

12 Sep


Lose 7 Pounds In 7 Days Using Healthy Green Smoothies!

Safely Look and Feel Totally Hot This Holiday Season. Drop those unwanted pounds by this time next week!

Green Smoothies are the rage right now and rightly so. They are a powerhouse of super nutrition and a great meal replacement for good clean fast weight loss. The average person has up to eight pounds of fecal matter stored in their digestive tract!  Green smoothies are a great way to jump start the elimination process. This time of the year, its so important to get high potency natural nutrition. During the holiday season and winter is when you are most likely to get a cold or flu, so this is a perfect time to add healthy green smoothies to your diet plan.

Matcha Geen Tea Health Benefits

Matcha Geen Tea Health Benefits

They HelpShrink Your Waist and Flatten Your Lower Belly!

Not only are they amazingly healthy, they help combat constipation, help with colon cleansing and liver detoxing. Both of those are crucial to bossing your immune system. If you want better skin, fewer wrinkles, better circulation and improved moods, better concentration, and a flat stomach, you must keep reading!


If you’re not having green smoothies, you really want to consider adding them to your diet. Why? They’re an exceptional option to carb-loaded snack bars or sugary coffee drinks. Green Smoothies are actually a healthy fast food. You can make them, store them in the fridge and then you can eat them on the go. You can eat them for breakfast, lunch and or dinner.


What are Green Smoothies? They are a form of smoothie that is made with organic raw leafy green vegetables as a base that is blended in a blender with water. Many use fruit to enhance the flavor and nutrient density. They are packed with minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, fiber, chlorophyll, phytonutrients and anti-inflammatory elements. It’s like turning your cells into superman’s’ by giving them natural kryptonite!

Benefits of Body Purifying and Health Regenerating Green Smoothies

*Improved emotional health, mental clarity, less brain fog, better memory

*Increase in energy, endrance, electrolytes, improved hydration for skin

*Promotes good gut enzymes especially if you are on or have been on medication

*Improves digestion, helps with constipation

*Less acid reflux, less gas, improved bowel movements

*Decreased bloating, flatter lower belly, thinner midsection

Some of the benefits of what they’re all about and everything and I like personally again, I like my Matcha Tea. So I always add my Green Matcha Tea Powder to my smoothies and you can too. I add somewhere between one and two teaspoons per 8 ounce servings depending on if I’m making them for a group or if I’m making them just for myself. Or if it’s in the morning and I want more energy. If I want more energy, I’ll add 2 teaspoons of Matcha Powder. If it’s in the afternoon, I’ll usually 1 Teaspoon of Matcha Powder and I’ll put that in my green or protein smoothie.



“I had no idea that Victoria’s magic green tea powder is so hearty, natural and super packed with nutrition. I wanted a good green product to improve my overall health, help increase my energy and assist in keeping the fat off. I ordered it, and I thought I would just give it a try. I always get colds every winter so I wanted a good super food to give me a head start in strengthening my immune system. I am truly happy I bought a bag. I drink it in the morning for energy and use it in my green smoothie before I cycle for endurance and stamina. I feel so energised after I drink it. I seem to be able to focus and navigate curves better. There is no crash or jittery side effects. It’s been 4 months now, and I have lost 3% body fat. My abs look leaner, I’m faster, more content and am pleased to report no colds this winter. I also seem to recuperate faster after a long training session. I have even started using it in my frozen yoghurt. I’m in Victoria’s Matcha fan club for life”.

Green Smoothies For Fast Fat Loss   And Quicker Healthy Rejuvenation That Totally Hacks Your Health!

You got this just in time to go shopping and get your veggies and fruits you will need to get this green party going!

If you have struggled with bloating, excess gas when you eat, accumulation of belly fat, constipation, lack of energy, motivation or drive; you may be lacking in crucial vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthy digestive enzymes and fiber.

And let’s not forget to mention if you have struggled with trying to lose weight and keep it off, you are in the right place today. I am going to share with you one of my greatest solutions to address these issues. Just like the testimonial in the beginning of this post,

You will find that there really are super foods that your body loves and responds to with rapid speed.

Battling losing weight is painful; emotionally draining and can make you feel hopeless and weak. Especially if you are like me and have tried everything on the planet to try to lose weight and get a flat stomach. You keep trying every new sugar-loaded fruity smoothie that the big companies advertising on TV are selling thinking that you finally found an answer, only to find that when you drink one,  your appetite soars through the roof from all the hidden sugars they use in the formulas. AAHHH!

Tired and overweight-man-and-woman-48015482



Let’s look at the why they are so healthy.

Glasses with fresh organic vegetable and fruit juices isolated on white. Detox diet.

Organic and Natural- They are usually made with 40% organic green ingredients. You can mix some low glycemic moderately ripe fruit or flavor, digestion and bulk. Personally but I don’t always eat green fruit because it can be little too potent for my stomach. Some people can eat green fruit just fine. You should experiment to see what works for you. Make sure that you do not add any artificial ingredients to your healthy pure smoothie.

Digestive Healer – Green smoothies are good for your digestion. Vegetables and fruits have good gut enzymes that actually assist in digestion and they’re easily biologically absorbed and utilized as nourishment by your cells.

Complete Nutrition – You can blend all your fruits and vegetables together at once, that way your body can absorb all the nutrition at one time. It’s a complete form of concentrated vitamins and minerals without adding unnecessary calories.

Super Fiber To Keep You Moving – Green Smoothies are also rich in fiber and that helps to maintain a healthy digestive system; they help keep your colon clean and that helps prevent constipation. They put your gut into a healthy alkaline state where your body’s able to digest food and then the proper vitamins, minerals and micronutrients are absorbed in the gut. That is why you’ll see your health start to improve and you skin start to get better. 

Multiple Benefits – You’ll see your energy start to improve. You’ll start seeing your skin improve. Many of our users say their skin becomes softer, smoother and brown spots stop appearing.

We have even had people write that they had congestion all the time and once they got the right green vegetable, fruits and added their own personalized goodies like Whey Protein Powder, Matcha Tea Powder, almonds and green tea and a multitude of other nutrients they felt they needed, the severe congestion cleared up.

Crazy cool huh? When I am being diligent eating my Green Smoothies, my eyesight gets brighter, get clearer and less sensitive to light and I have better night vision.

It’s mainly because of the concentration of powerful nutrition that is in its perfect form, unprocessed without chemical additives.

Child eating apple. Little girl playing peek a boo holding fresh ripe apples. Kids eating snack relaxing on a lawn. Children summer fun on a farm picking healthy fruit.

Apple Pectin Benefits. One study in japan found that apple pectin reduced the chances of colon cancer and that it helped maintain a healthy digestive tract. You can take 2-3 small apples and then add a pear, add green vegetables to that, then add some Matcha Tea Powder, which gives you super high healthy antioxidants and then add some other herbs you need to make your own personal natural healing smoothed. You can even add bland or good tasting vitamins and minerals and other supplements to it as well. Experiment and explore. Add ice, water, and stevia for sweetness if you prefer. There are more extensive directions and the 7 Green Smoothie Recipe Book  Free Green Smoothie Guide and The Most Delicious Smoothie Recipes on the Planet.   Click to get your copy!


Protein (Workout Shake) Green Smoothie – You can even add a non-sugar protein powder to your smoothie. If you are vegan or eat very little protein or meat, this gives you a pure source of complete protein. A complete protein is vital for your overall wellness, muscle health, hair, skin, nails, organs and mental wellness.


When you make your smoothies this way, you have a complete fitness smoothie packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and electrolytes; you have it all in one glass. Try different foods to find out what you like. Flavor is individual, so make this journey a lifetime of playing and experimenting with your favorite vegetables, fruits and other healthy ingredients. If you have an illness or some sort of disorder, research elements that can help your condition and if they don’t have a bad flavor add it to your drink. If they do taste bad, then take them within an hour of drinking your shake if that is approved by your healthy physician or Naturopath.

It’s absolutely an amazing after workout drink too. Especially if you work out, train in the gym, do soul cycle, run outside, lift weights, practice yoga, Pilates, Zumba and dance, it’s a great way to rehydrate and replenish electrolytes that you lost.

Fast Healthy Weight Loss– If you want to jump-start a weight loss program and want to see quick results, here’s what you’ll do.

Try out our Sexy Pink Waist Trainer for helping you get a flat tummy and skinny was it as you lose weight!


You will look at the list of foods in my Catabolic Mystery Foods post and make your green smoothie with those vegetables and fruits, ones that are low glycemic, so you’re able to get into a good fat burning state quickly and you’re also able to stabilise your blood sugar which helps you stay in the weight loss game by giving you a greater sense of calm and energy. It’s absolutely amazing what happens when you have the right green smoothie. You’re going to love it. It may take some time adjusting your schedule or picking the right ingredients, but you only have one body, give it the absolute best nutrition possible.

healthy eating, cooking, vegetarian food, dieting and people concept - close up of young woman with blender and green vegetables making detox shake or smoothie at home

Lifestyle – This process of adding a Green Smoothie or two to your diet daily is to be a lifestyle because once you start giving your body healthy gut elements, it will rebel when you go back to Junk!

Even when traveling, it’s important to stay on your plan. If you’re on the road you could even have someone at a restaurant put everything in the blender for you and make you a smoothie. I always take my Matcha Green Tea Powder with me when I travel. I even take protein powder with me. I also take my Fat Burner Capsules, I take one two times per day and sometimes I’ll even open them up and throw them in the smoothie. It’s absolutely great. So now I have a super duper double effect fat blasting healthy smoothie. Fat Burner_

I love the organic elements in my Fat Burners, they help me control my appetite, keep my energy up, stop my horrible mood swings and help speed up my starting to slow down, metabolism. Sounds crazy to throw them in a smoothie huh? I can because they’re organic, they are actually a concentrated source of highly effective plants that you just cant get unless they are in a capsule or you want to sit and eat three pounds of the natural plant itself at one sitting twice day!

Food Form For Burning Fat

They are actually food, they are not synthetic, they have no fillers like most o f the products on the market that sell for a lot less, they are FDA approved natural and organic, so you’re just getting a complete source of all the elements combined in one fat burning capsule. I love them, I am convinced if I had been taking them during my sixty pounds plus weight gain from emotional eating, I would not have gained the weight.

So you can see why I can toss them into my smoothie so that I’m drinking them when I am in a hurry. That way my metabolism starts to increase; my energy stays constant, my ability to maintain and endurance when I am exercising. Maybe you need endurance too. I know that’s why we don’t exercise sometimes. We know we need to, we know it’s vital to our health, organs, skin and prevents diseases but we simply don’t have the physical energy to do it and when we do sometimes we don’t have the endurance because we can’t stay with the activity long enough to burn enough fat to lose weight.

That is another reason I always have my fat burners with me in my car and take them before I go to my class after a tiring or rough day. It gives me the energy and stamina I need to help me workout longer.

Woman working out

Fat Burning Energy
When you take Fat Burners, they can give you the ability to move with more energy so that you are able to process more oxygen. That means you can work out longer which means you can burn fat longer. That translates into getting in better shape over a shorter period of time. It also means you enough energy to work out 5 days a week. In order to permanently lose weight, tighten and tone your muscles, you need to train your body to burn fat more often. With good training and being healthier, you’ll be able to recover faster because you’re using more oxygen. Oxygen is the key to fitness, longevity, healthy skin and life itself.

Life Saver – Green smoothies have really been a life saver. They are quick and good nutrition meal replacement. You can make them, put in the fridge and grab and eat when pressed for time or just want something quick and healthy to eat. You get to control what you eat. Don’t think it’s the same as eating a commercial store bought smoothie unless you read the ingredients on the bottle. Even when you go to a smoothie café, you have to be careful about what they put in there. If they can make you a pure green smoothie that would be fantastic

Less Carb Craving. – When eating healthy vegetables, you’ll find that you’re not craving sugar as much. You’ll find your blood sugar balances quicker and if you have type 1 diabetes; or if you have type 2 diabetes, you’ll find your blood sugar may be balances easier when you’re having green smoothies. You may also find your cholesterol level can possibly go down. A lot of our clients that eat green smoothies find that their blood cholesterol levels go down. In many cases good cholesterol improves, bad cholesterol is reduced and overall blood pressure can go down by not eating high carb chips, unhealthy processed foods that are high in high temperature fried fat that your body is unable to process properly. Those types of foods put undue stress on your digestive system and that robs your body of vital healing nutrients.

Many users have seen their blood pressure actually go down by eating green smoothies simply using them as a replacement for unhealthy snacks, while eating a healthy diet.

Healthy Family Food

Family Healthy & Fun Food

Processed foods actually zap your energy. When you have a pure, healthy green smoothie packed with chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals, critical trace elements and electrolytes, you’ll actually find your body responding in many positive ways. Your mind and body will operate at a higher level. You’ll have more energy. You’ll have less brain fog and more mental clarity. You may find that you feel lighter as well. You’ll be more regular as your digestion improves. It’s really healthy. They are such a smart way to feed your kids too. When you choose ingredients that are tolerated digestively, (little ones have more delicate systems, so you have to experiment with different ingredients) you can make green smoothies for your entire family.

Frozen Smoothies  –Sometimes I’ll freeze them and just grab one on the way out the door when I know I’m going to be busy in the morning. I’ll freeze mine and then I’ll take it out of the freezer on the way out the door, It’s almost like frozen yoghurt. There’s no way you cannot want to do this.

Liver Health – Your liver needs to be detoxed in order to burn a higher percent of fat; potent green smoothies actually facilitate that. They actually help to cleanse your liver and help supply intuition to all your organs and that can make you healthier and you can lose fat faster!

Control Blood Sugar and Feel Great – You’ll find that by eating smoothies and your blood sugar stabilizing, your metabolism is higher, you’re actually able to lose more cellulite. Your skin will get better. Your entire body will operate at a higher level when you have good solid nutrition that doesn’t have all the additives and preservatives as GMO processed foods.

Happy – You will be so happy you started eating green smoothies; you’re going to wonder why you didn’t eat them sooner. This is a global movement. I cannot believe the number of websites and recipes and ideas that are out there for us. So just start with one of the green smoothies in my Free Smoothie Guide. Click here to get your free copy now! Go get it and come back and finish this blog post. I want to inspire you to make your digestion and your body as healthy as you possibly can. Plus they help you get a flat stomach and sexy waistline!

Just Do It! – Get my Free Green Smoothie Guide and just start. Just pick out a recipe. The recipes are inside the smoothie guide. Get it, read through it, get committed and just try one to start. I have 5 beginner recipes and 2 extra bonus ones just to get you started! I want you to feel great, be healthy, love your body and live a long and happy life.

Super Charged Super Food Green Smoothie

Now let’s talk about Matcha Tea because I’ve had a lot of people emailing me and asking me, “what is this Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder about?”

3 D Matcha

It’s a super concentrated form of a food. It’s super condensed nutrition that is good for every cell in your body. It’s stimulates digestion. It’s a natural way to detox your body. It improves your metabolism, and it increases your energy, and it increases your body’s ability to actually burn calories. It’s phenomenal because you will have a good sense of concentration. That’s what’s really great about it for my executives. When they drink it, they always say things like, “How come I can just stay so focused for so long? I used to have to get up from my desk and do things and all of a sudden I’m drinking my tea in the morning or I had it in my smoothie, and I feel so alert, yet not jittery.” It’s the naturally occurring elements in the tea powder that give your brain a mental boost and jump-starts your metabolism. That’s really important because when you’re working throughout the day or you have to go to the gym, you want to have enough energy to be able to get the job done.


Natural Energy

It gives you the natural energy you need to be able to do the things that you want to do without feeling exhausted. It does have caffeine, but it’s a smoother caffeine because of l-theanine, a nutrient that helps to stabilize and neutralize your mood. When you consume it you’ll find you’re calm yet energetic. It’s also perfect if you’re on a glycemic, low carb, paleo or ketogenic diet. It’s low calorie, it balances your blood sugar, its low glycemic, yet it is a dense powerful high nutrition blend of tea that is uber healthy. We’re very lucky it is so common in Asia.  That is why we are able to get it all over the world too.

Skin Rejuvenator

It has 137 times the antioxidant as regular green tea. So when you become a regular user like the Japanese women with beautiful skin, you’re going to see your skin and nails improve too. And don’t forget to keep your skin tight as you lose weight, Check out my Best Skin Tightener

Best Anti Cellulite Cream Tighten Skin

Firm, Tighten and Rejuvenate Skin

I Feel Good – It also helps stabilize your mental state as well. I personally love the way it gives me maximum concentration ability.   I have such a busy schedule and in the midst of all my activity, I have to be creative. I can actually sit still, write and think without my mind wandering all over the place. I don’t have to have music; I don’t have to do anything to make myself sit there. Once I have the right nutrition that delivers the right nootropic mood, I am unstoppable. That is what Matcha Tea does for me, it gets me in that power Zen state where I’m able to be in a calm, relaxed yet focused place, the perfect state with strong mental concentration.

Study Time Hack – If you love reading like me or have to study for a test or if you have to study for work and you have to concentrate for long periods of time especially like my loyal college student customers, it’s perfect. They love it. Their lives are just like yours, jam-packed! They are burning the candle at both ends with sports, socializing, studying and many times they’re up all night, and then they have to  get to class, remember the material they studied as well as do the things they have to do.


Better Memory – When they drink Matcha Tea Powder, their recall is better. I don’t have enough space to list all the testimonials I have received! I know it sounds crazy pretty radical right? You’re like, “oh this thing is too good to be true.” Actually, it’s not. It’s awesome. It’s perfect. It’s the perfect super food, and if you’re going to start the green smoothie lifestyle, then you must have the Green Matcha Tea Powder to go with it. Together they’re a winning combination, and that’s what I want for you. Order yours today!  I want you to win at everything you do.

Make This A Green Week!

So go out there and win this week. Make everything you do an absolute plus for you. Get in the winning state of mind and refuse to move off your game no matter what. From the time you rise to the time you go to bed, make sure you’re eating right, training right, and thinking right! Move in the directions of your dreams and in the end, you will get there!


Love you dolls!




Even before he left, Prince was a smoothie drinker. He lived on fresh greens, raw milk and was a devout vegan. He devoted his life to move us with his music. May he live in power playing with the angels!

I want to share a moment of inspiration from one of my favourite artists, Prince. One of the benefits of working with the giant of a corporation like Nike is that you are offered VIP status at events and you get to go behind the curtain, if you know what I mean.

I was totally blessed to see Prince in the land of Nike Headquarters, Portland Oregon. He was performing at the Arlene Shnitzner Hall and it was one big dance party. After his spiritual encore at the hall, he moved to a more private venue where he played the guitar with such skill that it sounded as if the guitar was a person and it was speaking an electric language.

His love for music, performing and evoking aliveness in the soul was such an inspiration. I hope you are all driven to find that thing inside of you that makes your soul sing the way he found his.
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Weird Wacky Way To Lose Weight

5 Sep

What If You Could Talk To Your Body &                                                                           Have It Tell You How To Lose Weight?

Bicep one arm jpeg

OMG!! You have to read all this’s so inspiring and interesting!

Here’s a portion of an email I got after our Four Week Online Course:

Lose Weight, Feel Great and Gain Wealth & Joy Online Introductory Session.

Victoria, Okay, I have lost seven pounds since Tuesday!! What did you say to make my body respond so positively? I have no idea, but I love your processes!!! A. R.

How weird is this? After I listened on Tuesday and took some notes, no big deal and on the very next day, every craving I ever had went away and I swear I am thinner. Is that really possible?   Now I am fired up to start working out. What should I do first to really get the fat off? J.Q.

Dear J.Q.

Congratulations! That’s fantastic that you understood the breakthrough principle I taught.  It is truly a simple thing, but it is powerful! And you should begin getting the rest of the life robbing fat off your body and improve your heart, lungs, respiratory and immune system by doing fat burning cardio which I will cover in a minute.
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Victoria’s Personal Diet & Training Program

25 Apr

My Workout and Diet

Victoria Johnson Celebrity Fitness Professional Trainer

Victoria Johnson Fitness Celebrity Professional Trainer

This is an idea of how I eat and train. This is my schedule when I am not on a set, at a rehearsal, working with a client or doing interviews and skype training.

First off, thank you for the great feedback! I got an email asking for my personal daily diet and workout.

First of all, I get up when I wake up. I don’t use an alarm. I sleep between 6 to 8 hours a night. Everybody is different and I go with my body’s natural clock.

I had a green smoothie and skinny tea then headed out the door.
I went to my chiropractor, Dr. S and I was a structural mess! He said my C-2&3 were out. I had one arm longer than the other. My T-5&6 were out and my right ribcage was out of alignment and my sacrum was also out of alignment. I went because i had pain in my knee, my traps were stuck around my ears from tension and my Psoas was hurting. I have been going to a Chiro for most of my adult life. It structurally aligned. If your car is out of alignment, you don’t just buy new tires, you get the alignment fixed. That’s how I look at my spinal alignment.

By Wednesday, my knee will stop hurting, my arms will be the same length which will help me with my weight lifting. When I trained on Saturday, one arm was stronger than the other. The adjustment will even everything back out.

Okay here’s my food and training schedule:

I am very disciplined and I like to follow a regular schedule. I am the type of person who knows that I cannot function in chaos and disorder. I have to set myself up to succeed. I have to surround myself With positive people and an atmosphere that creates good vibes. I only buy food that serves my body and my purposes. I use to allow other people to lead me to overeat, stress out abandon my desire for a fit body.

I get up between 7:00 -8 AM.
I take my favorite liquid vitamin drink mixed with 4 oz. of Sobe Lean diet peach drink. I let the digestion happen for about thirty minutes while I wonder around the house speaking positive and powerful affirmations about how awesome my day is going to be. I speak my day before it happens. I believe that what you think about comes about, so I speak awesome prophecies about my day and the people I am going to meet and work with.

7:30-8:30 I make an Amino Charge protein shake with secret ingredients that boost my metabolism, increases my brainpower, balances my blood sugar, increases my energy plus it contains secret anti-cellulite ingredients. Here are the base ingredients..secret not listed.

Second Breakfast Tight Booty Shake:Body Balance Liquid vitamins, sugar-free flavoring, wheat grass, green vibrance powder, amino charge, tea powder, OsteoProcare for joints and calcium.

Vibrant Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

Healthy Vibrant Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

Green Tea Powder

It is a scientific breakthrough formula that I created. Sorry, it is not for sale! And YES it works.  I have amazing energy, good muscle tone, great skin and mentally clear thinking.

3rd Meal
I eat an egg white omelet with veggies and three vegetarian sausages. Six egg whites and 2 yolks with a tablespoon of coconut oil.

While I make my food I listen to a positive uplifting message, then I watch a muscle training DVD to get inspired to train, then I listen to educational material or something educational on the way to the gym. I love to learn and I love to learn and I love to eat, so I do both in a healthy and positive manner.

Train on my Gym Days
I do some form or movement every morning except Sunday. I take a dance class. I practice Hip Hop, Step Jamm, Lyrical Jazz, and Other forms of Aerobic Dance that keep me fit,  flexible, sharp and sexy. After that, I do some form of cardio for 45 minutes. I do step mill, trekker uphill, stationary bike or treadmill. This is on the three days when I train at night.

12:00- 3:00 Vertical Training Private class

1:00 Lunch on Gym Workout days
I have stir fry vegetables and chicken and beef combination every day with ½ cup of rice. Bowl of fruit ½ hour later. I will also have a gigantic salad with fresh tuna on days when I want a break from the stir fry.

I drink six quarts of water every single day of the week.

4:00 Green drink smoothie just like I have for breakfast on my Gym days
4:00 Lunch on my 3-hour marathon class days

5:00 Gym for my evening workout 3 days per week.

7:00 Dinner
Large Salad
Grilled meat – 4 oz. Beef or Chicken 2 times per week. 6 oz. Fish with vegetables the other five days of the week. I do not eat shellfish or pork.
3 sets of 20 Ab Rope Curls @60lbs on the pulley machine
3 sets of 20 Standing Lateral Leg Lifts @20lbs per leg
4 sets of Flat Bench Dumbell Press with combined with crunches – feet up on bench to maximize curl effect (had to lay next to a guy who was wearing more jewelry than me….I hate it when that happens).
Also….Ladies, get your buns into the gym, there were exaclty 35 men training in the section of the Super Gym I was training in tonight. There were two other women besides me and they both had trainers. One lady had a trainer who was MORE OVERWEIGHT than her and the other had a guy that she was arguing about over technique. He was checking out the other guys while he was training her and not helping her with her form and she got pissed off…rightly so!

4 Sets of 8 Lat Pulldowns @75lbs. Dr. S said I need to strech my lats more and strech my spine out. I am so good about being obedient and following directions. I did it tonight because I don’t want to ever look like an old lady with hunch back.. aaaahhh!

Next I did Wide Grip Pullups – 3 sets of 5
Then I just stretched and people watched. I only had two shadows tonight. Those are people who treat me as their star sighting and they follow me around and giggle and do everything I do. i don’t blame them. It’s flattering, plus I use perfect form, i smile, i have jamming music on, today’s music was Fergie’s “Glamorous” updated bass electronic remix. That was the vibe I wanted to express today as I moved around the gym and around the planet. I love being a girl. It’s so much fun and we are made so perfect!

That was my workout and now I am going to try on three of the hottest tightest tops i could find and still breathe and finish my day strutting around to Fergilicious “Delicious”!

Peace and Blessings to you all!


Fast Weight Loss with Water & FRUIT?

11 Jan

Hello my beautiful friend!


WOOOHOOOO!!! I’m back from a monumental worldwide digital tour and happy to be able to get back with you!

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Question from reader..

Hi Victoria,

I have been on a body-shaping plan for six weeks now and I have plateaued. Someone said I might need to be drinking more water now, since it has been warmer than usual.  What do you think, could that really help me lose more body fat and gain muscle too.  J.

My Friends and J.

This is such a timely question.  Recently I had someone overheat in a workout due to dehydration.  So thank you for your question, this is the perfect time to address water and it’s importance to our bodies.

Drink More, Lose Fat to Weigh Less and Increase Brain Power and Be Unstoppable!  When I fist started dieting, I was a mess. I would do everything I could think of to lose weight but I never drank enough water for my personal metabolic rate and optimum biological state, so I wasn’t losing weight as quickly as I thought I should. I worked out like a maniac. I even cut back on calories and got so light headed I could hardly drive.

In my craziness, I received a great revelation! I was starving my body and dehydrating it so bad, that it was holding on for dear life.  I like to think of it as lack and scarcity conditioning. When you hold on to the things you think you don’t have enough of, you shut down the flow. You stop the  progress and everything comes to a stand still and your mental capacity becomes blocked.

Once I got over my fear of weighing too much and started to increase my proper food and water intake to four solid quarts a day, I started to drop inches and lose weight too!

In other words, when I stopped moving in fear and started ingesting more water, my body felt free to eliminate the excess fluid and my weight went down. One week I even lost five pounds by increasing my water intake along with my plan.

I was doing an hour of cardio, following my perfect low-glycemic diet, monitoring simple carbohydrates, getting 8 hours of sleep at night and not eating meals after 7:00 PM. I would go to bed at 11:00 PM and get up at 7:00 AM.

If you are not drinking enough water, your body can become deficiently hydrated, known as dehydration, and can manifest in a variety of ways that wreak havoc on your health and your beautiful body. Ongoing dehydration may cause actual disease as the body struggles to maintain itself without sufficient fluid intake.

Dehydration can also lead to stored excess body fat, cellulite formation, flabby muscles, poor muscle tone, muscle loss, decreased digestion and organ function, bloating, PMS and water retention. Now that should be enough right there to make you run in the bathroom and jump in the shower and stand under the spout for five minutes!

Not drinking enough water can also leads to increased toxicity, joint and muscle soreness, slow recovery time after exercise, injury or surgery. Water works to keep muscles and skin tight and youthful (hallelujah). If you are not losing weight as fast as you would like to and want a quick start to losing weight and healing your body, drink up! Live It Up!   

Water is not just a weight loss inducer, and muscle enhancer; it is essential to for life and necessary for life itself. Water is a fundamental factor in our health. It is fundamental to our total existence. It is so easily overlooked each day because there is such an abundance of it. We wash our clothes in it, we brush our teeth with it, we watch it flow into the sink and wind it’s way down the drain while we are washing dishes. After a warm relaxing bath, gallons of this natural healing agent drain away only to be repeated tomorrow.

Every single cell in your body requires water. Our human survival is dependent on water. It is been classified by scientists as second only to oxygen as necessary for sustaining life. On average, the quantity of water in an adult body could fill 12 one-gallon containers. That means as an average adult your body is somewhere between 55 to 75% water. Up to 2/3 of your body weight is water, 40 to 50 quarts. Your body is made up of water, other mass such as bone & tissue and matter. Jack and the rest of you magnificent beings, you basically are water.



Eart drink

CONSUME FREELY! Therefore, you need to consume approximately 2/12 Qts of water daily to be healthy and metabolically cleansed. Since such a large percentage of our bodies are water, it stands to reason why our health and our bodily functions depend on it. Every process in your body uses water as a catalyst. We can exist without food for up to 2 weeks or more, but we can only survive for a few days without water.

HIGH PERFORMANCE!  I teach all of my high performance clients that I believe it is the single most important nutrient to take in every day. It is calorie free, it’s fat–free and it helps you feel full. Many of us mistake thirst for hunger. When you are sitting around and thoughtlessly jump up to grab a snack, have a glass of water first. Wait five minutes to see if the hunger goes away. In the meantime, keep busy, don’t focus on a snack, focus on the healing effects of the water you just offered your metabolism.

STOP! Buying sodas and expensive coffee drinks for you and your children. They can actually prevent you from losing weight if you drink them instead of water.  Coffee contains caffeine and too much of it can dehydrate you, especially if you live in a warm climate. Stop drinking wine before dinner. It stimulates your appetite and can send you into a low blood sugar state, which can make you irritable, or it can drive you to eat more than you ordinarily would. Ordering sodas at fast food restaurants just because they are cheap or they come with the meal. There is no such thing as free food. There is a price you will be paying later either in poor health, weight gain or low blood sugar anxiety.  So stop teaching your children to drink sugary drinks with their meal, it’s running their health.

How Much? When you are working out and leading an active lifestyle, you need a minimum of 8, 8 ounce glasses a day every single day, seven days per week, 4 weeks per month, 12 months out of the year! Get it?? Your body deserves the best fuel at all times. It is your gift to life in our human form. Let’s honor it and care for it with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. The more you exercise beyond sixty minutes per day, the more water you need.

Spread your water intake throughout the entire  day, especially on hot days and the day before you are going to participate in a heavy-duty workout.  When you begin your fluid for life commitment, you will be visiting the restroom more frequently. That’s perfect! You are supposed to go more frequently, this facilitates your body’s flushing, detoxing and cleansing process. Every time you go, you get rid of extra toxic weight and unhealthy substances that your body does not need. How cool is that?   Be patient, it takes about two weeks for your bladder to adjust to the new intake.

Drinking Tips  Tips on water intake help you lose more weight quicker: Drink clean bottled or filtered water Drink a minimum of 64 ounces per day (2 quarts) Drink an additional 8 ounces per day for every 25 pounds over your ideal healthy weight.

Keep a water bottle or your designated water-drinking cup in visible sight in all areas of your life. Make sure there is one in the kitchen, one at your desk or workspace, one in your car and one in your gym bag. If they are out of sight, they are out of mind.

Personally, I have three distinct water bottles and cups that I use. Right now I have a beautiful 16-ounce crystal blue thermal glass that I have sitting by my computer. I drink one per hour. Each day I write for three hours. If I write longer, I drink more. I also have an elegant crystal pitcher of water with shaped cubes in it that I keep on another table that I use to fill up my thermal glass with. I track the number of ounces I drink per day in my food journal.

I also keep an extra water bottle in my workout bag or make sure I keep enough money on me so that I can buy a bottle at the gym. I have two one-quart water bottles in the trunk of my car most times next to my emergency kit. I don’t want to mess up my diet and my health due to a lack of preparation. I am sure you can think of at least ten more ways to make your water consumption more practical and easily accessible for yourself and your family, especially your children. Get them their own special water cup, bottle or glass. Get one for their lunch box.

No one can turn down something that is perceived as special. Begin today teaching them the value of drinking water and help them get excited about it. Make fluid for life a priority for you and your entire family.

Water is Life! Drink it up starting today! That’s all for now, I have to go to the little girl’s room and lose some weight.  Go out and make something awesome happen in your life this week!


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How To Win At Weight Loss & Life

21 Dec


Question about winning!


I have been battling my diet for a couple of years now. I have been on more diets than I can count. My friends keep trying to convince me to give up and just accept my weight. NO WAY! My doctor has been telling me to lose weight, but unfortunately she is overweight herself and has never really offered me any solution. I can’t live in this fat body any more.

I was reading a magazine and it said dieters regain weight because of genes, hormones, and no self-control.  Is that true? Am I really stuck with a double X the rest of my life or what?

I know that you work with models and famous people and I am neither one of those.  I am just a depressed fat woman who is looking for an answer from someone who once struggled and found the motivation to change her life.  I am tired of battling my weight.  Can you offer me some simple suggestions that will give me a swift kick in the a** ?  D…

Dear D and all my beautiful readers, I hear your frustration, but I can also hear your sense of humor as well.  You are a fun person who loves being around people, but you probably also love to eat and you probably LOVE food.  Most passionate people have drive and motivation, but sometimes it gets misdirected.

You have become frustrated because you have dreams and desires that have not come about yet.  You get frustrated, take that energy and put it into emotional eating and over-consumption and that creates a negative physical effect called FAT!  That fat develops dimples under the skin and lumps around your midsection.  It makes your hips spread and your chins sag.  The effects are physically and visually unappealing which makes you dislike your body and you interpret as hating yourself.

I Tried It All

I totally understand all the confusion and uncertainty surrounding losing weight, dieting and nutrition. I know I was sure confused when I was obese, type 2 diabetic, had hypertension and high blood pressure. I tried every diet on the planet trying to lose weight and get rid of unsightly belly fat.  I suffered from chronic water retention, migraine headaches and I was on the verge of early arthritis.  I lived in a constant state of stress and was diagnosed twice with clinical depression. I was a big hot mess! I was able to get on the right path once I got my thinking straight.

The battle that you are having is not with your diet. The battle you are having is with motivation and living your dream life! You have to get back in touch with the things that motivate you and make you feel alive and on fire! You need to reconnect with who you are and what is trying to come forth from inside.   You need to ask yourself what is your true desire and what destiny am I not moving toward that is in my heart.

You Are Special! 

It doesn’t matter to me whether or not you are a full time mom, model or great grandma, if you want to change, you should start today.  Yes I work with professional models and athletes, but I don’t rate anyone’s specialness based on their profession. I work with them based on their desire to transform their life into something more rewarding to them.  No one can life your life but you! You are special and you have to love and respect yourself.

D, I have worked with thousands of people just like you over the course of my career in athletics, dance/fitness and health.  And over the years I have been asked a myriad of different questions, yet there are certain ones that always arise and confuses everyone.

It’s obvious that you have had your own personal struggle with battling your weight.

You have been looking for some definitive answers about what really works and if you can finally have the body and the life you desire.

Regarding genes and weight loss and regaining the weight…

Dieters regain weight because they are not consistent with the right diet and exercise program. Research now shows that your habits, environment and lifestyle are a great indicator of your success or failure when it comes to building the body you love.

One of the ladies I worked with, during the course of her weight loss journey, began to feel afraid of the possibility of actually reaching her goal weight.  I asked her why she was afraid and basically, the fear arose because of the belief that she would regain the weight back and hate herself all over again like she did in her past programs.

I told her she would not regain the weight if she successfully incorporates the concepts of program that integrate a mind, body, and spirit application.  When your mind is transformed into a new paradigm about self worth, you can experience the freedom of permanent weight loss and all the benefits of creating an ideal lifestyle that reflects your new paradigm.  There is no way you will EVER GO BACK ONCE YOU GET TOTALLY FREE MENTALLY!



I think this was a true concern of hers, and one many of us have had at one time or another.  Some times what we are really afraid of the “new person” we will become especially when we keep seeing our relatives and thinking we are doomed forever to carrying excessive belly fat or saddle bags on our hips or cellulite on our body lurking out in every crease and crevice. And we secretly know that some relatives don’t want us to change or look better than them.

Change is does not have to be scary.  Your non-conscious mind will have you questioning yourself about change if you let it. You have to be aware of your thoughts at all times and stay in the good vibration zone. When your mind wants to scare you, lovingly tell it to stop, I don’t think that way anymore. Fear is just excitement that hasn’t happened yet. 

Genetics, hormones, and unsupportive relatives will not affect your long-term weight loss success if you stay focused and centered on your personal goals and transformation.

No More Battles 

DON’T LET FEAR CONTROL YOU and stop BATTLING the weight. Just get on a solid plan to regain your dream and then let go of over-eating and under-exercising and get on a good plan.  A battle only wages when there are two opposing sides… Your mind is one side and your heart is another.  Your want certain things in your heart of hearts and you over analyze it with your mind and they start to battle and the next thing you know, the frustration causes you to overeat.  Go and read Your Heart’s Cry on my Divine Prosperity Blog. GO there and print it out and read it, study it and begin to make new plans for living the life you have always dreamed of and then get my Quickstart Energy Program so you can melt that stored body fat away and get on the path of being a new fit and lean woman. You don’t have a to fight anymore!  You are a winner by taking positive action.

Here are some great tips to help you outwit your genetics and break through mental and physiological plateaus so that you can take your health and your body to the next level.

4 Quick tips to get you started to lose weight this week..

1.  Cleanse & Hydrate – Clean out your cupboards and get rid of the bad foods. Drink 8-12 8 oz glasses of water per day EVERY DAY NO MATTER WHAT!!!

2.  Stay Balanced -Eat several small meals and snacks a day (3 – 6) to keep your metabolism elevated and your blood sugar stabilized which helps you cut out snack attacks throughout the day. Don’t go more than 5 hours without eating something healthy. This will help keep your biochemistry balanced. Check out the Quick Start Glycemic list to be sure you eat the right fat burning foods.

 3. Eat Perfect Protein – Make sure that your protein intake is adequate. Your protein needs to be 20-30% of your total dietary intake.  Choose lean protein sources such as white fish, chicken without skin, egg whites, protein powders and protein shakes made out of whey and soy protein.

4 Cut the Crappy Carbs – Watch your intake of highly refined carbohydrates that are sold as fat free products such as fat-free cookies, rice cakes, other fat free snacks and definitely white bread. Try to replace them with heartier grains or legumes such as bran, natural sprouted whole grain breads, beans, lentils, and other unprocessed legumes. They are higher in fiber, protein, and other nutrients and they enter into your blood stream more slowly, providing you with a longer lasting more blood sugar balancing source of fuel.

D, This is only a start girlfriend!  You have the power and with my new “Motivation, Affirmation Quotes Book (wait till Wednesday to get it. I have an promotion going then you can get a complimentary copy!) you will be totally equipped to stay fired up.


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14 Dec

Reader Question:

If I overeat or eat the wrong foods at one meal and have “blown it”, are my weight-loss efforts futile? I seem to binge eat so often and I feel totally out of control. What can I do?

Answer: First off, here is some information from the National Institute of Health on the topic and I will offer some suggestions as well.

Binge-Eating Disorder – Community surveys have estimated that between 2 percent and 5 percent of Americans experience binge-eating disorder in a 6-month period. Symptoms of binge-eating disorder include:

Recurrent episodes of binge eating, characterized by eating an excessive amount of food within a discrete period of time and by a sense of lack of control over eating during the episode. The binge-eating episodes are associated with at least 3 of the following: eating much more rapidly than normal; eating until feeling uncomfortably full; eating large amounts of food when not feeling physically hungry; eating alone because of being embarrassed by how much one is eating; feeling disgusted with oneself, depressed, or very guilty after overeating.

Marked distress about the binge-eating behavior: The binge eating occurs, on average, at least 2 days a week for 6 months.

The binge eating is not associated with the regular use of inappropriate compensatory behaviors (e.g., purging, fasting, excessive exercise).

People with binge-eating disorder experience frequent episodes of out-of-control eating, with the same binge-eating symptoms as those with bulimia. The main difference is that individuals with binge-eating disorder do not purge their bodies of excess calories. Therefore, many with the disorder are overweight for their age and height. Feelings of self-disgust and shame associated with this illness can lead to bingeing again, creating a cycle of binge eating. To learn more ways to hep you go to: “HOW DO I LOSE WEIGHT NOW?”. See how Margarite dropped two pant sizes fast!

Treatment Strategies – Eating disorders can be treated and a healthy weight restored. The sooner these disorders are diagnosed and treated, the better the outcomes are likely to be. Because of their complexity, eating disorders require a consistent comprehensive treatment plan involving monitoring, nutritional counseling and, when appropriate, medication management.

The primary goal of treatment for bulimia is to reduce or eliminate binge eating and purging behavior. To this end, nutritional rehabilitation, psychosocial intervention, and medication management strategies are often employed.

Achieving Biochemical Balance – Establishment of a pattern of regular, non-binge meals, improvement of attitudes related to the eating disorder, encouragement of healthy but not excessive exercise, and resolution of co-occurring conditions such as mood or anxiety disorders are among the specific aims of these strategies.  If you are totally out of control please seek medical advice right away.

I have found that when we usually a weight loss program we will drastically drop our calorie intake too quickly. Some even drop below 1,000 calories a day and that can be dangerous if done long term.  However, many fad diets and diet clinics will dip far below the maintenance caloric level, and that can put the body in starvation self-defense mode depending on your starting body weight.  Individuals who drastically cut calories below 1,000, or their caloric maintenance level, frequently develop binging habits.  Don’t feel bad if you have been on binges. At least half the individuals that regularly diet, including fad diets, engage in active binging.

A binge is not necessarily a form of weakness or will power, but rather it is associated with an imbalance correlated with a low-caloric diet.  Not only does a low calorie diet put the body in a starvation defense, but it also affects the thyroid by, slowing down the metabolism, in turn, storing more fat.  AAHH!  That is the complete opposite of what you want.

The body’s defense in correcting the imbalanced thyroid takes place through binges that makes the thyroid active once again.  After a binge,an excess amount of calories has been ingested, and out of guilt and punishment, we starve ourselves again.  This type of behavior is a form of yo-yo dieting and leads to even more weight gain.  

 To combat binges, take control over your eating habits.  This is where mental strength and focus can help you.

You must supply your body with brain fuel to function and low glycemic foods to balance your blood chemistry.  A binge is not a sign of weakness, but is a result of a disruption in the thyroid.  Allow yourself the maintenance number of calories a day for your body, and grant yourself a cheat day to keep the thyroid and metabolism active and functioning properly.  Starving yourself will not result in weight loss, but eating consistently right will.

Effective Tips and Techniques to Gain Control and WIN!


1. Fuel Up – Balance Blood Sugar. Always eat breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it sets your metabolism for the day, and makes the body start burning calories.  Eating breakfast, complete with low glycemic complex carbohydrates and protein will prevent a binge later in the afternoon or evening.

2.  Evening Eating Plan. Keep your last meal three hours before bed, preferably a serving of protein and a serving of vegetables, to keep insulin levels low.   High calories and/or excessive starchy complex carbohydrates have a greater chance to be stored as fat, as well as prompt midnight cravings.

3. Eat 5 to 6 Small Meals a Day. Space them out.  Constant small meals, prevent hunger and decreases carbohydrate and sugar cravings.  Smaller, more frequent meals will keep you full, and signals your body that it is not starving.  Constant fueling will prevent binges.

4. Use Protein Power. Have a serving of protein and a serving of good complex carbohydrates with each meal.  The added protein will keep your insulin from shooting sky high.  Consistent levels of increased insulin are linked with binges, due to the carbohydrate cravings it causes.

5. Tricky Tactics. Rotate your carbohydrates to manipulate your body, and to keep your metabolism working for you.  The carbohydrate rotation method will help curb binges since it allows the body to feast on good carbohydrates to a certain extent, yet not to where will be storing them as fat.

6. Fat Equals Full.  Increase good fat intake such as nuts, natural peanut butter, olive oil, flaxseed oil, etc.  The added natural fat will help blunt binges because it provides the body essential elements to keep things in balance.

7. Quench The Desire.  Drink more liquids. Water is an important nutrient for proper body functions, as well as a natural appetite suppressant.  More water in equals more water out.  Many times what you think is hunger is really thirst.  So drink a glass of water slowly before you at anything and start doing something you need to do and see if you still want to eat everything in sight after ten minutes.  Many times you will see your desire subside and you will have the strength to stay on your program.

To help you reclaim your power today and restore control begin with this philosophy. What you think about comes about is always in operation in our world.

I was a total binge-purge eater through my high school and college lifetime. I tried programs and what I call self-discipline groups, but never found total release from the destructive disorder. I had to have a complete paradigm shift. I had to give up the Messiah syndrome, the martyrdom or sacrificing myself for everyone else, program.  I had to reprogram my mind and release the things and people I could not carry, change or support any longer. I put my energy and focus on saving me first.  I learned how to take care of my personal desires without guilt shame or feeling selfish.  I did it. And that is what has allowed me the privilege of becoming a great success and now I can give from my overflow of joy and peace and prosperity. It was one of the greatest gifts I gave myself.

What You Focus on Expands

If you think about what’s wrong all the time, you get defeated, hopeless and you go for the ice cream to soothe your soul.  A better way to reprogram your thinking is think about what you want. Think about what is good and possible. You can read more about this in my “HOW DO I LOSE WEIGHT NOW?” PROGRAM.

My client, Rosa, was invited to a wedding where the food at the reception was served buffet style. There were so many tantalizing foods, and all her choices were good ones, she just happen to go back to the old habit of over eating and felt guilty afterward.

When we met, she shared with me that she felt awful afterward and decided to just go ahead binge crazy and eat what ever she wanted the rest of the evening since she felt she had blown it.  I shared with her that a better response to the over eating would have been to make the next meal lighter or to eliminate the next meal completely if it over extends her the daily caloric limit.  She still would have lost weight for the week. Also, making up for the extra calories can be done with an extra workout session.

Eating food not on our plan should never stop us from continuing the day in excellence.  It is part of the learning process we go through to be victorious over our eating patterns that have not served us well and learning about strategies we can implement better the next time.  Now, yes, one piece of candy or one serving of a high-fat food source can diminish our weight loss efforts for the week.

Never Quit –  In the End..Your Will Wins!

That is why we work hard to make every effort to succeed.  However, we don’t let a temporary set back send us over the edge.  We jump back up, pick up our exercise shoes, put them on, and continue down the road toward weight loss victory.  The main thing to always remember is to never quit.  You may stop temporarily, but never give up. You can begin again as often as you need to. Once you understand that getting fit and lean is a mind game, you are on your way. Go to: “HOW DO I LOSE WEIGHT NOW? “

With Hugs and Smiles!

Victoria                                                                                                                                 Fitness Celebrity, Best Selling Author, Video & DVD Queen, Professional Trainer, International Speaker

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