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Secret Mystery Foods That
Burn Fat Fast Off Your Waist & A**

2 Feb


Secret Mystery Foods That
Burn Fat Fast Off Your Waist & A**!

Lose Inches!

Question: Victoria, I am so confused… I have no idea what to eat any more. With all the diet information out there right now, I don’t know what to do. I just want to know what to eat to burn fat fast?                    

~ Caroline R

Answer: Caroline, I am so excited about your question. If you have ever struggled with dimply junk on the back of your legs and butt, then just take your time and soak up every word in this article. There are many gems that you can take away and begin today to start smoothing out that rocky road.

Your question reminded me of the time when I was getting ready for a fitness championship and I had a total melt down. I was looking good, so I thought. I was so excited because I had been posing at home in my bathroom mirror and

I just could not wait to see how my much better the definition in my muscles would be under “posing lights” at the gym. Posing lights are special lights that are designed to make your muscles look more cut, defined and striated. Those are bodybuilding terms for looking “HOT and BUFF”!

Perfection – NOT!  I gathered up my swimsuit, posing oil and a scrunchie to pull back my hair so that it would not cover up one beautiful striation of hard earned muscle.

I went to the gym I was training at that had a perfect set of posing lights installed by the head trainer, a NPC Body Building champion.

Ok, I get to the gym, run in the women’s locker room, put on my skimpy competition posing suit and oiled myself up. I slipped into a comfy robe to cover myself as I walked across the gym to the room we used for posing. 
I confidently took off my robe and gracefully walked across the room as if I was walking on stage. I believe that we should always be “on” and rehearsing in our mind and with our body what we want to be.

Styling & Profiling

I walked to center stage, did a customary quarter turn to face the mirror, which was my private audience, and stood in prejudging form. My first reaction was, “sweet, I look awesome”. I hit some poses and did a few dance moves to try out my suit. 
Then I did my rear lat spread facing the back of the room. In this room you could see yourself from every angle because it had a three way mirror effect and that’s when the horror hit me.

AAAAHHHHH! I was so lean, so cut and so perfectly symmetrical in every direction and at every angle except when I turned around there were these horrific little dimply dents, cellulite, as we women refer to

Hand Written Note Saved My Butt- Literally!

I was so upset, I broke out into tears, grabbed my robe, ran back into the locker room and threw on my sweats I wore on the way over to the gym. I did not even bother to take off all the oil I had on and my sweats became an oily mess which then made my car seats a spotted mess. 

I did not care one bit about my clothes or my car. I could buy some more sweats and I could buy a new car if I wanted to, but I had to do something fast to get those dimples off the back of my thighs and butt. I only had two weeks to get contest ready.

I called an associate I knew and asked her for help. She gave me a referral to a sports nutrition scientist in Arizona. I made a distress call immediately and he promptly began to tell me about certain foods that help your body transform into a positive fat burning state. 
He also told me how some of the foods would act as a diuretic and help me lose trapped body water under my skin to make my body appear more lean and less dimply.

YES, there is hope for me. You mean I could actually have smooth thighs. I took copious notes and then… do you know that he actually sent me a mini diet plan written on a piece of notebook paper? Yes, hand written notebook paper.

Not A Mad Scientist, Just Real Life Experience

Not a science manual, not a registered FDA document, or a two hundred page book like most people sell today. It was almost illegible because like many scientists and health professionals they scribble when they write.

Well the plan not only worked, it was amazing how fast my body responded to the foods I began eating and I ended up winning my competition!

So… that plan that I received years ago, that worked wonders for me, is what I am going to share with you today.

Keeping It Real

Now keep in mind, I am not a scientist. I am a best selling published author, professional trainer of certification programs for other personal trainers, studied with some of the greatest athletic trainers in the world due to m contracts with Nike, lived in Germany and trained with Olympic level strength, agility and speed specialists, and I am a tops selling DVD Celebrity Fitness Personality world wide, but couldn’t get that last bit of cellulite off my ass! Lol!

Sure, I am all of the above but the most important attribute that qualifies me to share my knowledge and help you today is, “I am an ex-fat person who was over sixty pounds heavier, use to hate myself, had no hope of getting lean and cottage cheese thighs and a dimply butt… and now it’s gone! I went on to rock my competition and win the show cellulite free!

I am so excited that thanks to the scientist who took the time to send me a hand written note, I was able to finally get rid of the dimples. I ate these mystery foods I am sharing with you today and I mastered the art of lather and slather! “Using a good exfoliating soap and lather it all over my problem areas, dry the skin completely with a blow dryer to generate heat and then slather anti-cellulite defense cream all over the areas.”

Because I was already lean, it took about three weeks to see a smooth dimple free butt.

Your Cellulite Defense- Hold It Back & Keep It Off!

Victoria's Extreme Slimming Gel

Thanks to my formulations, I use the anti cellulite during my workouts and I rub in circles and then using firm pressure, I stroke the area as I apply the Rejuvenating Skin Tightener on after my night shower – No clothes on the skin for about ten minutes so it can soak in help rebuild the collagen and stimulate faster cell turnover revealing firmer, softer skin in about three months.


I bring you today my personal experience as I share with you what I have found.

Mystery Solved!



Due To the Thermic Effect Principle

Foods have a thermic effect. The term “thermic effect of food” is used to describe the energy expended by our bodies in order to eat and process (digest, transport, metabolize and store) food. 

We expend energy by living which is metabolic functioning, breathing, working, exercising and anything else that uses muscular contractions. This is what causes your body to burn calories. Excess fat in your body is actually stored energy, whether it is on your belly or on your legs and butt. 

It’s fat, energy, and it has to be burned and removed in order to remove those dimples. So remember, your not fat, you just have a lot of extra energy!

This is so amazing! Processing protein requires the greatest amount of energy. Estimates range as high as 30% above your resting metabolic rate. Dietary fat, on the other hand, is so easily processed and turned into body fat that there is little thermic effect, perhaps only 2 or 3% above your resting metabolic rate.

The amount of energy required to process carbohydrates falls between that of protein and fat. A range of around 10% is usually used to account for the thermic effect of food you eat.

Most of us have never heard about thermic effect of food so we just grab whatever is convenient when we are hungry

. Protein not only helps you build crucial muscles, it causes your body to burn at a hotter ate as it goes through the metabolic process and that helps you burn more calories and it is not stored as fat. So now that we know that, we have to choose the best protein sources to keep our furnace burning hot and strong all day long.

Protein Power

Choose healthy protein sources: 

Meat, poultry and fish along eggs, egg whites and egg substitutes and pure protein powders are some of your best sources of protein. You can also add a high powered Fat Burner to help you keep your energy up, increase your metabolism and stimulate even higher thermogenesis for faster weight loss without losing muscle or feeling drained. Ours is the best because it’s all natural ingredients and works in conjunction with your lifestyle and diet program.  I stilltake them every day because it makes me feel amazing, cuts down my appetite and helps me stay focused on my goals! Fat Burner_

Fast Acting Fat Burner

But be careful to choose healthy options, such as grilled or baked, not fried or breaded. Always select skinless chicken breasts rather than fried chicken patties.
unless you fry them in coconut oil. Fish is another good alternative to high-fat meats. Some types of fish — such as cod, tuna and halibut — have less total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol than do meat and poultry. And certain types of fish are heart healthy because they’re rich in omega-3 fatty acids. 
These fats may help lower blood fats called triglycerides and may reduce your risk of sudden cardiac death. Omega-3 fats are most abundant in fatty, cold-water fish, such as salmon, mackerel and herring.

Catabolic Foods

- The Mystery From The Kind Scientist

These foods are the very foods that melted the dimples right off my butt!

They are called Catabolic foods. They have been shown to burn up more calories than they supply due to the energy burning effect of digestion and metabolic processes. Catabolic foods are the opposite of Anabolic foods. For example a medium sized apple (which is catabolic), would provide an average of 85 calories, however the digestion and metabolism of the apple could actually require an additional 99 more calories to metabolize it depending on our body size, hydration level and inherited genetics.

As a result, you could actually burn more calories than you are ingesting for a overall net calorie burn.
To help maintain your weight it is helpful to eat a minimum of five to ten servings of catabolic foods each day, or 4-5 cups. In addition to catabolic foods you can eat proteins and other low glycemic carbohydrates in moderation without gaining weight.
 High grade catabolic foods are more effective than others in digestion, fiber, minerals and vitamins.

Spread Them Out & Drink Them In!

Water Bottle Trio

Get Your Water Bottle Today!  And You Get A Free Ebook LOADED with Tons of Fruit & Veggie Infusion Recipes with your Water Bottle Purchase!

It is best to spread the consumption of your catabolic foods over the course of the whole day. You can eat these items to your heart’s delight. You don’t have to go around counting calories or skimping on volume and quantity with theses catabolic foods.

I like to combine my proteins from my list above with the vegetables listed below for my meals and then for my snacks I go to town on the fruits and vegetables listed below. I also drink two to three quarts of water per day to keep flushing my system.

I like to eat mine as well as put them in my Limited Edition Water Bottle and let their enzymes help flush my liver and detox my body at the same time. How awesome is that?


Grapefruit, Oranges, Plums, Strawberries, Lemons,
Raspberries, Limes, Pineapple, Cantaloupe, Oranges, Watermelon,
Pears-Bartlett, Artichokes
Parsley leaves, Asparagus, Cucumbers, Peppers, Tomato, Broccoli,
Eggplant, Celery, Sweet Potato, Radishes,
Brussels Sprouts,
and cooked
Spinach, Carrots
, Lettuce and cabbage.

There you go, this is the beginning of the entire process that can help you burn fast faster. It is enough to get you started today on your journey to a whole new you.

Make This Your Best  Day Ever!

Victoria Johnson

Your Celebrity Trainer

Burn Fat Fast!

14 Jan

Too Much Body Fat Is Dangerous!


Female figure before growing thin and after growing thin

When It Comes to Body Fat, Lose It NOW!

You cannot, nor should you wait to lose fat. It contains toxins, impedes blood flow and decreases circulation. It’s not something you should wait one more minute to start to tackle.

You have to get on a routine that is going to kick start your metabolic rate and increase your endurance this week, not next week when it’s more convenient. It’s never more convenient than right now. You deserve the best health!

Fat Kid! –I had struggled with my weight throughout my adolescence. M first diet was in the first grade!!!!!! And the cycle sped out o control and I developed eating disorders. I battled bulimia, anorexia and binge eating for a period of time.  My teenage and college years are a blur. I mostly remembered eating and binging. It was a long journey to actually lose over sixty pounds of solid body fat but I am so happy that I did. It took a lot of healthy dieting that inspired me to create my Quickstart Energy Weight Loss Program,  drinking water every day and doing LSD Cardio-Long Slow Distance. I still do it today and so do my clients.

Here’s One of my clients

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Six Effective Ways to Reduce and Prevent Cellulite (Fat) Fast!

29 Oct

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Keep Reading to Get Your Tight Body Smooth Skin Cellulite Reducing Tips!

Six Effective Steps to Fight Lumpy Fat And Get A Flat Stomach!


Do you want lean sexy thighs, tight flat stomach and nice smooth round butt? Try these tips along with a great workout plan. The sooner you start, the quicker you see results!

If you have dimples in places other than your adorable face, and you don’t have the same notoriety or fan club that these two adorable reality sex bombs have, you may want these cellulite reduction tips. Reducing cellulite is a sure way to the path of thin thighs and tight buns. I know there is much controversy about what cellulite is; it’s fat, plain and simple. It requires the same amount of work, discipline, diet and training to lose dimply (cellulite) fat as any other fat on your pretty body.

OMG.. Have you seen this?

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10 Sep

Lose Inches!


One Drink..Down Ten Pounds and Smooth Out Wrinkles”

Miracle Smoothie Lose Weight, Smooth Wrinkles, Improve Performance and Increase Energy!   Seem too good to be true? That’s what I thought too.  Read on!  These are just a few people who had exceptionally good results from replacing one fattening meal with a powerful Superfood Smoothie and adding green tea powder to other drinks and foods!


*”I Lost six pounds in two weeks  using shakes with Matcha tea powder” Bryan    

“I lost four pounds in six days especially on my legs and stomach using the tea powder in my meal replacement shake. I made it like the guide said”  Marcela                                                                  

*”My skin is flaking and exfoliating revealing baby soft skin underneath. I had no idea I had that much dead wrinkled skin” Lucia        

*”I replaced one meal a day with your Matcha Tea Smoothie and ran on the treadmill as recommended, you were right, I had so much continuous energy and I wasn’t tired the next day. It has helped me drop the ten pounds I needed to lose for my military requirement! I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH VICTORIA! Martin

This story is fascinating. after you read it, you can scroll down and read  about the 10 Benefits that will revolutionize your health and your body over time when you make Japanese  Matcha Green Tea a daily habit.

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How Do I Lose Belly Fat

17 Jun

Great question I got last week..

How Do I Lose This Belt Hangover Fat and what do I do about constant water retention?


Here it is..

1. Get my book “How Do I Get ABS”


2. Prescription For Bloated Puffy Belt Hangover

Most people retain a little water, and it is fairly common. As women, we especially may notice an increase in water retention during the week before their period. It’s fine to stop water retention at home that is minor. Yet if water retention seems major, occurs all the time, and is continually resulting in puffy extremities or excessive weight gain, this can indicate serious health issues. If you suffer more than a little water retention, you should not try to stop water retention at home but should see your naturopath or healthy fit doctor for a thorough checkup.

Here are some great ideas to help stop water retention and reduce bloating and puffiness. Make sure you check with your lean healthy doctor before taking any of the supplements below. They may not be what your body needs.

1. Drink More Water – Water retention is common when you are dehydrated or low on water. The body tends toward conserving water, and will retain a bit in order to keep you hydrated. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day helps shed extra water, reducing water retention.

2. Reduce Sodium – Minimizing extra sodium in the diet is crucial. That’s a part of what happened to my beach workout crisis case. She macked out on salty pretzels drank soda and did it while she was flying. She did a triple whammy to her body before a photo shoot. Of course she had to fly, but she should have drank water and bought an apple or orange at the airport to have as her snack while she was flying.

Almost all packaged and canned foods contain some level of sodium. Most natural food sources also have some sodium too, though the amount is usually less. Look for low sodium varieties of foods, especially canned foods and prepared meals.

3. Move – Increase Circulation. Walking, bicycling, stationary biking, tennis are all activities that help pump out water and other fluids that can pool in your legs and ankles. Doing cardio type exercises with lightweight training will make you sweat and release trapped salt.

 4. Sip herbal tea. Parsley or uva-ursi tea can help flush out excess water without any harmful side affects, you can find these teas in most health foods stores.

5. Take Vitamin B6. Taking up to 250 milligrams of vitamin B6 daily helps reduce premenstrual water retention. This nutrient also reduces fluid buildup caused by hormone replacement therapy.

 6. Take Calcium. Researchers at the New York Metropolitan Hospital found that a daily calcium supplement provided relief from premenstrual water retention in three-fourths of the women who took it. If it’s safe for you, take 500-milligrams twice daily, one at breakfast and one at dinner. Ask your doctor whether these supplements are okay for you.

7. Increase Urine Formation – That’s right, Go more! You can release it or retain it. Foods such as cucumbers, asparagus and parsley contain natural substances that increase urine formation. Other vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, cabbage and mushrooms can facilitate water loss in conjunction with a low-carb good glycemic diet.

They require large amounts of water for digestion which helps pull it out from beneath the skin and into the digestive track. Plus they are high in fiber, which is healthy to keep your colon clear. A healthy clear colon will help flatten your belly and get rid of that belly puffiness.

Try these ideas out and experiment with them until you find your perfect formula for getting rid of that awful feeling excess water, bloating and puffiness. Shop around and look for the best prices so that you can continue to eat healthy and improve your modeling potential.

 Finally- If none of these work and if you are on medications go visit your doctor and give your her or him a list of all medications you are currently taking–both prescription and over-the-counter–and ask whether any alterations are appropriate. Switching to lower-dose estrogen in your hormone replacement therapy, for example, could reduce fluid retention. If you’re on steroidal medication, be sure to let your doctor know about your water-retention problems. She or he may prescribe a diuretic.

Now what about your man! check out my latest record breaking book! It’s on the cutting edge of controversy.  The program is unconventional and working awesome. No complaints from the ladies when their man gets harder body parts. It’s free for them Tuesday through Saturday. The info was a blazing hit in Europe!!!!!

Mark your calendars and get some new lingerie!

New Book U.S.A. Release Tuesday June 18- Saturday June 22!

Go get it! How Do I Lose Belly Fat /Alpha Male Style!

FINAL HOW_DO_I_Lose_Belly_1000x1333_3

Listen in on Wednesday as I talk about the controversial topics and Alpha Male Abs Transformation Program.

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Fast Weight Loss with Water & FRUIT?

4 Jun

Hello my beautiful friend!


WOOOHOOOO!!! I’m back from a monumental worldwide digital tour and happy to be able to get back with you!

I have so much to tell you. I have picked up so many secrets, tips, tricks, ideas and new discoveries to share with you. There are so many great new findings that are going to help us in our body shaping and health increasing journey. WOW!

First off  I want to share some LOVE with you! There is so much research about the power of words and intention. I had an opportunity to learn about structured water and the philosophy of using LOVE infused intentions on healing your body. I got so jazzed about all the positive healing results from drinking water that was surrounded by words of love,   gratitude and possibility that I had a limited edition water bottle created that we could use every day. But I went one better and made a limited edition (only 16 left) infusion water bottle that allows you to make your own vitamin and enzyme infused water. Check it out!

This bottle is genius. It has motivational phrases, loving hearts and positive reinforcement! DRINKING WATER is important to your health, training, recovery, vitality and immune system. Dr. Masaru Emoto of Japan, author of Messages From Water, believed that positive statements affects water in its container and in the body. What a perfect way to care for yourself!

Motivation Infusion Water Bottle – 24 Oz $19.99

 Water Bottle TrioWater Bottle


Inspirational Infusion Water Bottle is Perfect For Yoga, Cheer,  Sport & Diet – Create Your Natural Fruit, Veggies, Spice, Teas and Healthy Flavored Water, Detox Tea, Juice & Sparkling Drinks. Go to Amazon and read all the specs and Hearts!

Infusion Lifestyle. Final Coverjpg

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 Skinny Thighs



Question from reader..

Hi Victoria,

I have been on a body-shaping plan for six weeks now and I have plateaued. Someone said I might need to be drinking more water now, since it has been warmer than usual.  What do you think, could that really help me lose more body fat and gain muscle too.  J.

My Friends and J.

This is such a timely question.  Recently I had someone overheat in a workout due to dehydration.  So thank you for your question, this is the perfect time to address water and it’s importance to our bodies.

Drink More, Lose Fat to Weigh Less and Increase Brain Power and Be Unstoppable!  When I fist started dieting, I was a mess. I would do everything I could think of to lose weight but I never drank enough water for my personal metabolic rate and optimum biological state, so I wasn’t losing weight as quickly as I thought I should. I worked out like a maniac. I even cut back on calories and got so light headed I could hardly drive.

In my craziness, I received a great revelation! I was starving my body and dehydrating it so bad, that it was holding on for dear life.  I like to think of it as lack and scarcity conditioning. When you hold on to the things you think you don’t have enough of, you shut down the flow. You stop the  progress and everything comes to a stand still and your mental capacity becomes blocked.

Once I got over my fear of weighing too much and started to increase my proper food and water intake to four solid quarts a day, I started to drop inches and lose weight too!

In other words, when I stopped moving in fear and started ingesting more water, my body felt free to eliminate the excess fluid and my weight went down. One week I even lost five pounds by increasing my water intake along with my plan.

I was doing an hour of cardio, following my perfect low-glycemic diet, monitoring simple carbohydrates, getting 8 hours of sleep at night and not eating meals after 7:00 PM. I would go to bed at 11:00 PM and get up at 7:00 AM.

If you are not drinking enough water, your body can become deficiently hydrated, known as dehydration, and can manifest in a variety of ways that wreak havoc on your health and your beautiful body. Ongoing dehydration may cause actual disease as the body struggles to maintain itself without sufficient fluid intake.

Dehydration can also lead to stored excess body fat, cellulite formation, flabby muscles, poor muscle tone, muscle loss, decreased digestion and organ function, bloating, PMS and water retention. Now that should be enough right there to make you run in the bathroom and jump in the shower and stand under the spout for five minutes!

Not drinking enough water can also leads to increased toxicity, joint and muscle soreness, slow recovery time after exercise, injury or surgery. Water works to keep muscles and skin tight and youthful (hallelujah). If you are not losing weight as fast as you would like to and want a quick start to losing weight and healing your body, drink up! Live It Up!   

Water is not just a weight loss inducer, and muscle enhancer; it is essential to for life and necessary for life itself. Water is a fundamental factor in our health. It is fundamental to our total existence. It is so easily overlooked each day because there is such an abundance of it. We wash our clothes in it, we brush our teeth with it, we watch it flow into the sink and wind it’s way down the drain while we are washing dishes. After a warm relaxing bath, gallons of this natural healing agent drain away only to be repeated tomorrow.

Every single cell in your body requires water. Our human survival is dependent on water. It is been classified by scientists as second only to oxygen as necessary for sustaining life. On average, the quantity of water in an adult body could fill 12 one-gallon containers. That means as an average adult your body is somewhere between 55 to 75% water. Up to 2/3 of your body weight is water, 40 to 50 quarts. Your body is made up of water, other mass such as bone & tissue and matter. Jack and the rest of you magnificent beings, you basically are water.



Eart drink

CONSUME FREELY! Therefore, you need to consume approximately 2/12 Qts of water daily to be healthy and metabolically cleansed. Since such a large percentage of our bodies are water, it stands to reason why our health and our bodily functions depend on it. Every process in your body uses water as a catalyst. We can exist without food for up to 2 weeks or more, but we can only survive for a few days without water.

HIGH PERFORMANCE!  I teach all of my high performance clients that I believe it is the single most important nutrient to take in every day. It is calorie free, it’s fat–free and it helps you feel full. Many of us mistake thirst for hunger. When you are sitting around and thoughtlessly jump up to grab a snack, have a glass of water first. Wait five minutes to see if the hunger goes away. In the meantime, keep busy, don’t focus on a snack, focus on the healing effects of the water you just offered your metabolism.

STOP! Buying sodas and expensive coffee drinks for you and your children. They can actually prevent you from losing weight if you drink them instead of water.  Coffee contains caffeine and too much of it can dehydrate you, especially if you live in a warm climate. Stop drinking wine before dinner. It stimulates your appetite and can send you into a low blood sugar state, which can make you irritable, or it can drive you to eat more than you ordinarily would. Ordering sodas at fast food restaurants just because they are cheap or they come with the meal. There is no such thing as free food. There is a price you will be paying later either in poor health, weight gain or low blood sugar anxiety.  So stop teaching your children to drink sugary drinks with their meal, it’s running their health.

How Much? When you are working out and leading an active lifestyle, you need a minimum of 8, 8 ounce glasses a day every single day, seven days per week, 4 weeks per month, 12 months out of the year! Get it?? Your body deserves the best fuel at all times. It is your gift to life in our human form. Let’s honor it and care for it with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. The more you exercise beyond sixty minutes per day, the more water you need.

Spread your water intake throughout the entire  day, especially on hot days and the day before you are going to participate in a heavy-duty workout.  When you begin your fluid for life commitment, you will be visiting the restroom more frequently. That’s perfect! You are supposed to go more frequently, this facilitates your body’s flushing, detoxing and cleansing process. Every time you go, you get rid of extra toxic weight and unhealthy substances that your body does not need. How cool is that?   Be patient, it takes about two weeks for your bladder to adjust to the new intake.

Drinking Tips  Tips on water intake help you lose more weight quicker: Drink clean bottled or filtered water Drink a minimum of 64 ounces per day (2 quarts) Drink an additional 8 ounces per day for every 25 pounds over your ideal healthy weight.

Keep a water bottle or your designated water-drinking cup in visible sight in all areas of your life. Make sure there is one in the kitchen, one at your desk or workspace, one in your car and one in your gym bag. If they are out of sight, they are out of mind.

Personally, I have three distinct water bottles and cups that I use. Right now I have a beautiful 16-ounce crystal blue thermal glass that I have sitting by my computer. I drink one per hour. Each day I write for three hours. If I write longer, I drink more. I also have an elegant crystal pitcher of water with shaped cubes in it that I keep on another table that I use to fill up my thermal glass with. I track the number of ounces I drink per day in my food journal.

I also keep an extra water bottle in my workout bag or make sure I keep enough money on me so that I can buy a bottle at the gym. I have two one-quart water bottles in the trunk of my car most times next to my emergency kit. I don’t want to mess up my diet and my health due to a lack of preparation. I am sure you can think of at least ten more ways to make your water consumption more practical and easily accessible for yourself and your family, especially your children. Get them their own special water cup, bottle or glass. Get one for their lunch box.

No one can turn down something that is perceived as special. Begin today teaching them the value of drinking water and help them get excited about it. Make fluid for life a priority for you and your entire family.

Water is Life! Drink it up starting today! That’s all for now, I have to go to the little girl’s room and lose some weight.  Go out and make something awesome happen in your life this week!


If you are not one of the gazillions who have downloaded the Motivational Having A Rich Life App that goes great with your new motivational water bottle, go get it! It’s my gift and way to spread inspiration.

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Your Celebrity Trainer, Amazon Best Selling Author and FRIEND FOR LIFE!



How To Win At Weight Loss & Life

20 May


Question about winning!


I have been battling my diet for a couple of years now. I have been on more diets than I can count. My friends keep trying to convince me to give up and just accept my weight. NO WAY! My doctor has been telling me to lose weight, but unfortunately she is overweight herself and has never really offered me any solution. I can’t live in this fat body any more.

I was reading a magazine and it said dieters regain weight because of genes, hormones, and no self-control.  Is that true? Am I really stuck with a double X the rest of my life or what?

I know that you work with models and famous people and I am neither one of those.  I am just a depressed fat woman who is looking for an answer from someone who once struggled and found the motivation to change her life.  I am tired of battling my weight.  Can you offer me some simple suggestions that will give me a swift kick in the a** ?  D…

Dear D and all my beautiful readers, I hear your frustration, but I can also hear your sense of humor as well.  You are a fun person who loves being around people, but you probably also love to eat and you probably LOVE food.  Most passionate people have drive and motivation, but sometimes it gets misdirected.

You have become frustrated because you have dreams and desires that have not come about yet.  You get frustrated, take that energy and put it into emotional eating and over-consumption and that creates a negative physical effect called FAT!  That fat develops dimples under the skin and lumps around your midsection.  It makes your hips spread and your chins sag.  The effects are physically and visually unappealing which makes you dislike your body and you interpret as hating yourself.

I Tried It All

I totally understand all the confusion and uncertainty surrounding losing weight, dieting and nutrition. I know I was sure confused when I was obese, type 2 diabetic, had hypertension and high blood pressure. I tried every diet on the planet trying to lose weight and get rid of unsightly belly fat.  I suffered from chronic water retention, migraine headaches and I was on the verge of early arthritis.  I lived in a constant state of stress and was diagnosed twice with clinical depression. I was a big hot mess! I was able to get on the right path once I got my thinking straight.

The battle that you are having is not with your diet. The battle you are having is with motivation and living your dream life! You have to get back in touch with the things that motivate you and make you feel alive and on fire! You need to reconnect with who you are and what is trying to come forth from inside.   You need to ask yourself what is your true desire and what destiny am I not moving toward that is in my heart.

You Are Special! 

It doesn’t matter to me whether or not you are a full time mom, model or great grandma, if you want to change, you should start today.  Yes I work with professional models and athletes, but I don’t rate anyone’s specialness based on their profession. I work with them based on their desire to transform their life into something more rewarding to them.  No one can life your life but you! You are special and you have to love and respect yourself.

D, I have worked with thousands of people just like you over the course of my career in athletics, dance/fitness and health.  And over the years I have been asked a myriad of different questions, yet there are certain ones that always arise and confuses everyone.

It’s obvious that you have had your own personal struggle with battling your weight.

You have been looking for some definitive answers about what really works and if you can finally have the body and the life you desire.

Regarding genes and weight loss and regaining the weight…

Dieters regain weight because they are not consistent with the right diet and exercise program. Research now shows that your habits, environment and lifestyle are a great indicator of your success or failure when it comes to building the body you love.

One of the ladies I worked with, during the course of her weight loss journey, began to feel afraid of the possibility of actually reaching her goal weight.  I asked her why she was afraid and basically, the fear arose because of the belief that she would regain the weight back and hate herself all over again like she did in her past programs.

I told her she would not regain the weight if she successfully incorporates the concepts of program that integrate a mind, body, and spirit application.  When your mind is transformed into a new paradigm about self worth, you can experience the freedom of permanent weight loss and all the benefits of creating an ideal lifestyle that reflects your new paradigm.  There is no way you will EVER GO BACK ONCE YOU GET TOTALLY FREE MENTALLY!



I think this was a true concern of hers, and one many of us have had at one time or another.  Some times what we are really afraid of the “new person” we will become especially when we keep seeing our relatives and thinking we are doomed forever to carrying excessive belly fat or saddle bags on our hips or cellulite on our body lurking out in every crease and crevice. And we secretly know that some relatives don’t want us to change or look better than them.

Change is does not have to be scary.  Your non-conscious mind will have you questioning yourself about change if you let it. You have to be aware of your thoughts at all times and stay in the good vibration zone. When your mind wants to scare you, lovingly tell it to stop, I don’t think that way anymore. Fear is just excitement that hasn’t happened yet. 

Genetics, hormones, and unsupportive relatives will not affect your long-term weight loss success if you stay focused and centered on your personal goals and transformation.

No More Battles 

DON’T LET FEAR CONTROL YOU and stop BATTLING the weight. Just get on a solid plan to regain your dream and then let go of over-eating and under-exercising and get on a good plan.  A battle only wages when there are two opposing sides… Your mind is one side and your heart is another.  Your want certain things in your heart of hearts and you over analyze it with your mind and they start to battle and the next thing you know, the frustration causes you to overeat.  Go and read Your Heart’s Cry on my Divine Prosperity Blog. GO there and print it out and read it, study it and begin to make new plans for living the life you have always dreamed of and then get my Quickstart Energy Program so you can melt that stored body fat away and get on the path of being a new fit and lean woman. You don’t have a to fight anymore!  You are a winner by taking positive action.

Here are some great tips to help you outwit your genetics and break through mental and physiological plateaus so that you can take your health and your body to the next level.

4 Quick tips to get you started to lose weight this week..

1.  Cleanse & Hydrate – Clean out your cupboards and get rid of the bad foods. Drink 8-12 8 oz glasses of water per day EVERY DAY NO MATTER WHAT!!!

2.  Stay Balanced -Eat several small meals and snacks a day (3 – 6) to keep your metabolism elevated and your blood sugar stabilized which helps you cut out snack attacks throughout the day. Don’t go more than 5 hours without eating something healthy. This will help keep your biochemistry balanced. Check out the Quick Start Glycemic list to be sure you eat the right fat burning foods.

 3. Eat Perfect Protein – Make sure that your protein intake is adequate. Your protein needs to be 20-30% of your total dietary intake.  Choose lean protein sources such as white fish, chicken without skin, egg whites, protein powders and protein shakes made out of whey and soy protein.

4 Cut the Crappy Carbs – Watch your intake of highly refined carbohydrates that are sold as fat free products such as fat-free cookies, rice cakes, other fat free snacks and definitely white bread. Try to replace them with heartier grains or legumes such as bran, natural sprouted whole grain breads, beans, lentils, and other unprocessed legumes. They are higher in fiber, protein, and other nutrients and they enter into your blood stream more slowly, providing you with a longer lasting more blood sugar balancing source of fuel.

D, This is only a start girlfriend!  You have the power and with my new “Motivation, Affirmation Quotes Book (wait till Wednesday to get it. I have an promotion going then you can get a complimentary copy!) you will be totally equipped to stay fired up.


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