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Weird Wacky Way To Lose Weight

18 Apr

What If You Could Talk To Your Body &                                                                           Have It Tell You How To Lose Weight?

Bicep one arm jpeg

OMG!! You have to read all this’s so inspiring and interesting!

Here’s a portion of an email I got after our Four Week Online Course:

Lose Weight, Feel Great and Gain Wealth & Joy Online Introductory Session.

Victoria, Okay, I have lost seven pounds since Tuesday!! What did you say to make my body respond so positively? I have no idea, but I love your processes!!! A. R.

How weird is this? After I listened on Tuesday and took some notes, no big deal and on the very next day, every craving I ever had went away and I swear I am thinner. Is that really possible?   Now I am fired up to start working out. What should I do first to really get the fat off? J.Q.

Dear J.Q.

Congratulations! That’s fantastic that you understood the breakthrough principle I taught.  It is truly a simple thing, but it is powerful! And you should begin getting the rest of the life robbing fat off your body and improve your heart, lungs, respiratory and immune system by doing fat burning cardio which I will cover in a minute.


Weird Wacky Brain Thing

I know weird Huh?  Everyone is continually looking for the latest external way to lose weight not knowing that there are powerful mechanisms in the brain that can be triggered to set you on a fast track to fat loss, body re-shaping and instant joy. It’s truly evolutionary. I call it a weird wacky brain thing that helps you lose fat.

It’s hard to shift your thinking out of the standard methodology of “if I had the one exercise, the one diet, the one pill, then I could do it!”



That’s what I thought when I ballooned up to 170 Plus pounds, borderline diabetic, depressed and stressed out all the time! Thank goodness I learned the truth about how my mind controls my body and how my body controls my energy and stores fat even when I worked out. And the even more weird connection between how it all affected my career, finances and relationships. Low blood sugar – hypoglycemia is totally scary and can throw your mind into a total tailspin if you don’t eat right and get good mental control.  Your body is so smart and needs just ss good nutrition as your pet or your other children.

Crazy Huh? I know!  When I  finally got it and dropped 60 pounds, became debt free and attracted a passionate loving relationship while loving every moment of it. Believe me I was skeptical just like eveyrone else. But I was so floored by my results,  I made it my life mission to learn how to teach it to others who were suffering just like me. I made the Timeless Body Audio Series because I had to. I want you to join the happy and love my body and love the skin I am in club!

Sounds too good to be true!

It’s not!

You can have the body you want and the life you desire. But not with old worn out ideas, concepts , training principles and yesterday’s paradigms.



It’s Your Turn!

What if you could instantly begin to alter your body and improve your health?

What if you could stop cravings and binges?

What if you could stop PMS, increase your emotional and physical energy virtually instantly? 

I did too and NOW..You can!


You can do what I did and P.Q. did…. if and when you will do what she did. Listen to Our Lose Weight, Feel Great and Gain Wealth & Joy Online Session.

Check out what others that listened and joined the course experienced:

Here’s just a few other quick ones…

Hip stopped hurting…

All my anxiety has cleared up..

Got a business grant from my father in law for $20,000!!!!!!!!!

Headaches went away..

So strange, my bad skin is finally clearing up..


I feel so powerful and motivated…

You Can Start Your Transformation Today..

After you read this post, get out your calendar and book the time to listen in the next 48 hours while the link is still up! You are worth it! Your investment in yourself is priceless.

OKAY P.Q. Let’s get into you on your path to healing your body and gaining more life by getting rid of stored dangerous body fat.

 Here’s Your Link: Click it! Lose Weight, Feel Great, Gain Wealth & Joy Now!

Get Your Body Moving With Fat Burning Exercises 

Fat burning еxerсіses аre the ѕlоw, aerobiс, lоng durаtiоn tyреs оf exercise thаt іnvоlve mоst оf thе maјоr musсle grоuрs. Yоur bоdу wіll burn a higher pеrcеntаge of stored  сalоries from fat wіth lоwer intenѕіtу cardio exerсіsеѕ.

Fat burning exеrсіsеѕ includе walkіng, јogging, runnіng, еllіptісаl exercise trаinеr workоutѕ, суcling аnd ѕwimmіng. Thе key faсtor tо kеер in mіnd is thе mоre muscle grоuрѕ уоu usе, the more fat yоu’ll burn.

Diffеrеnt tуреs of еxercіses wіll burn mоrе sugаr rаther thаn burning fat. Sugаr burning еxеrcіѕes involvе briеf ѕpurts of mоvеmеnt fоllоwеd bу rеѕt whіch rеѕultѕ іn morе sugаr thаt іѕ used for fuеl inѕtеаd оf fat.

Sugаr burning еxerсіѕеѕ include sprіntіng, tennіs, raсquеtbаll, baskеtball, and gоlf. Whіlе theѕe arе greаt sрortѕ thаt bеnеfіt уour оverаll fіtnеѕs cоndіtіоn, thеy arе dіffеrеnt tyре оf еxеrсises that wіll nоt burn аѕ muсh fat lіke fat burning exercіsеѕ will.

To burn fat еffеctivеlу, exercise at a modеrаte paсе fоr a lоngеr рerіоd of tіmе. Thе rеsіduаl еffеct оf thiѕ tyре of aеrobiс exercise gіvеѕ yоu the most bеnefіts.

Theѕе аerobіс fat burning еxеrсіsеѕ іnсreasе уоur mеtabоliѕm whiсh mеаnѕ уоu’ll burn саlorіеs lоng after you exercise. People whо exercise оn а regulаr bаsis devеlор more fat burning еnzymеѕ thаn peорle whо dоn’t exercise аt аll.

By dоіng just twеntу mіnuteѕ of fat burning exerсiѕеs you gеt thоsе fat burning еnzуmеs working. So іf уоu are јuѕt ѕtartіng оut, exercise fоr аt lеaѕt twenty minutеѕ аnd wоrk up frоm therе as уour fitnеsѕ lеvel іmprоvеѕ. Try to sеt 3 days a week as your gоal tо wоrkоut аnd wоrk uр tо 5 dауѕ аѕ yоu becоmе more fіt.

Hоmе trеаdmillѕ and еlliptісal exercise trаinеrs аrе реrfеct for fat burning еxеrсіѕеѕ. Thеѕe fitnеsѕ mасhinеs wіll gіve yоu the slow, аerоbiс, lоng durаtіоn tуpeѕ оf exercise thаt work bеѕt tо burn fat.

Thеy arе thе moѕt pоpulаr рieсes for hоmе gуmѕ bесause thеy аllow yоu tо ѕtaу fіt іn аnу wеаthеr соndіtіоn. They arе eаsy tо uѕе аnd соѕt еffiсіent beсauѕе qualitу fіtneѕs еquірmеnt will lаѕt for mаnу уеаrs.

2nd Fat Burner 3 3D

If yоu want tо rеduсe bоdу fat, eating рrоpеrlу wіll аlwaуѕ hеlр. But by cоmbining it with fat burning cardio and then giving it a shot of metabolic fuel with our FatBurners, wіll gіvе уоu thе exсellеnt rеsultѕ уou arе looking fоr.

 Here’s Your Link: Click it! Lose Weight, Feel Great, Gain Wealth & Joy Now!

Get moving and do something awesome for your body this week!

healthy eating, cooking, vegetarian food, dieting and people concept - close up of young woman with blender and green vegetables making detox shake or smoothie at home

To make your training program work even better and to get ready for swimsuit season, try some of my Green Smoothie Fast Weight Loss Plan. Click here and get my Green Smoothie Guide with the Best Tasting Smoothies on the Planet for Free now! 





5 Fast Tips For A Sexy Hourglass Figure

12 Apr


Is Your Hourglass Too Empty or Spilling Out Over the Edges?

Hourglass Figure

Did you know that this year has been declared the beginning of a new era of
The Hourglass Body?

YES! It is Hot in Fashion and Health!

sexy pink waist cincher

Victoria’s Sexy Pink Skinny

Waist Training Cincher

CORSETS and Waist Trainers and Cinchers are Spanx on steroids!

They are designed to help reshape the body also known as Body Modification and has ben around since women.  The use to be made with real animal bones, that’s why even today the technology that is more advanced still call the shaping inserts “bones”.  Thank goodness they refined the technique and made it more comfortable.

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Secret Mystery Foods That
Burn Fat Fast Off Your Waist & A**

2 Feb


Secret Mystery Foods That
Burn Fat Fast Off Your Waist & A**!

Lose Inches!

Question: Victoria, I am so confused… I have no idea what to eat any more. With all the diet information out there right now, I don’t know what to do. I just want to know what to eat to burn fat fast?                    

~ Caroline R

Answer: Caroline, I am so excited about your question. If you have ever struggled with dimply junk on the back of your legs and butt, then just take your time and soak up every word in this article. There are many gems that you can take away and begin today to start smoothing out that rocky road.

Your question reminded me of the time when I was getting ready for a fitness championship and I had a total melt down. I was looking good, so I thought. I was so excited because I had been posing at home in my bathroom mirror and

I just could not wait to see how my much better the definition in my muscles would be under “posing lights” at the gym. Posing lights are special lights that are designed to make your muscles look more cut, defined and striated. Those are bodybuilding terms for looking “HOT and BUFF”!


Perfection – NOT!  I gathered up my swimsuit, posing oil and a scrunchie to pull back my hair so that it would not cover up one beautiful striation of hard earned muscle.

I went to the gym I was training at that had a perfect set of posing lights installed by the head trainer, a NPC Body Building champion.

Ok, I get to the gym, run in the women’s locker room, put on my skimpy competition posing suit and oiled myself up. I slipped into a comfy robe to cover myself as I walked across the gym to the room we used for posing. 
I confidently took off my robe and gracefully walked across the room as if I was walking on stage. I believe that we should always be “on” and rehearsing in our mind and with our body what we want to be.

Styling & Profiling

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Burn Fat Fast!

14 Jan


Too Much Body Fat Is Dangerous!


Female figure before growing thin and after growing thin

When It Comes to Body Fat, Lose It NOW!

You cannot, nor should you wait to lose fat. It contains toxins, impedes blood flow and decreases circulation. It’s not something you should wait one more minute to start to tackle.

You have to get on a routine that is going to kick start your metabolic rate and increase your endurance this week, not next week when it’s more convenient. It’s never more convenient than right now. You deserve the best health!

Fat Kid! –I had struggled with my weight throughout my adolescence. M first diet was in the first grade!!!!!! And the cycle sped out o control and I developed eating disorders. I battled bulimia, anorexia and binge eating for a period of time.  My teenage and college years are a blur. I mostly remembered eating and binging. It was a long journey to actually lose over sixty pounds of solid body fat but I am so happy that I did. It took a lot of healthy dieting that inspired me to create my Quickstart Energy Weight Loss Program,  drinking water every day and doing LSD Cardio-Long Slow Distance. I still do it today and so do my clients.

Here’s One of my clients

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Six Effective Ways to Reduce and Prevent Cellulite (Fat) Fast!

29 Oct


Keep Reading to Get Your Tight Body Smooth Skin Cellulite Reducing Tips!

Here Are Six Effective Steps to Fight Cellulite, Break Down and Get Rid of Lumpy Fat Plus Ideas to Help You  Get A Flat Stomach!


Smooth and Firm Sexy Thighs!

Do you want lean sexy thighs, tight flat stomach and nice smooth round butt? The same principles apply for your abs. So no mater where yo u are storing a little too much energy (fat is need energy) try these tips along with a great workout plan. The sooner you start, the quicker you see results!

If you have dimples in places other than your adorable face, and you don’t have the same notoriety or fan club that these two adorable reality sex bombs have, you may want these cellulite reduction tips. Reducing cellulite is a sure way to the path of thin thighs and tight buns. I know there is much controversy about what cellulite is; it’s fat, plain and simple. It requires the same amount of work, discipline, diet and training to lose dimply (cellulite) fat as any other fat on your pretty body.

OMG.. Have you seen this?

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10 Sep

Lose Inches!


One Drink..Down Ten Pounds and Smooth Out Wrinkles”

Miracle Smoothie Lose Weight, Smooth Wrinkles, Improve Performance and Increase Energy!   Seem too good to be true? That’s what I thought too.  Read on!  These are just a few people who had exceptionally good results from replacing one fattening meal with a powerful Superfood Smoothie and adding green tea powder to other drinks and foods!


*”I Lost six pounds in two weeks  using shakes with Matcha tea powder” Bryan    

“I lost four pounds in six days especially on my legs and stomach using the tea powder in my meal replacement shake. I made it like the guide said”  Marcela                                                                  

*”My skin is flaking and exfoliating revealing baby soft skin underneath. I had no idea I had that much dead wrinkled skin” Lucia        

*”I replaced one meal a day with your Matcha Tea Smoothie and ran on the treadmill as recommended, you were right, I had so much continuous energy and I wasn’t tired the next day. It has helped me drop the ten pounds I needed to lose for my military requirement! I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH VICTORIA! Martin

This story is fascinating. after you read it, you can scroll down and read  about the 10 Benefits that will revolutionize your health and your body over time when you make Japanese  Matcha Green Tea a daily habit.

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How Do I Lose Belly Fat

17 Jun

Great question I got last week..

How Do I Lose This Belt Hangover Fat and what do I do about constant water retention?


Here it is..

1. Get my book “How Do I Get ABS”


2. Prescription For Bloated Puffy Belt Hangover

Most people retain a little water, and it is fairly common. As women, we especially may notice an increase in water retention during the week before their period. It’s fine to stop water retention at home that is minor. Yet if water retention seems major, occurs all the time, and is continually resulting in puffy extremities or excessive weight gain, this can indicate serious health issues. If you suffer more than a little water retention, you should not try to stop water retention at home but should see your naturopath or healthy fit doctor for a thorough checkup.

Here are some great ideas to help stop water retention and reduce bloating and puffiness. Make sure you check with your lean healthy doctor before taking any of the supplements below. They may not be what your body needs.

1. Drink More Water – Water retention is common when you are dehydrated or low on water. The body tends toward conserving water, and will retain a bit in order to keep you hydrated. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day helps shed extra water, reducing water retention.

2. Reduce Sodium – Minimizing extra sodium in the diet is crucial. That’s a part of what happened to my beach workout crisis case. She macked out on salty pretzels drank soda and did it while she was flying. She did a triple whammy to her body before a photo shoot. Of course she had to fly, but she should have drank water and bought an apple or orange at the airport to have as her snack while she was flying.

Almost all packaged and canned foods contain some level of sodium. Most natural food sources also have some sodium too, though the amount is usually less. Look for low sodium varieties of foods, especially canned foods and prepared meals.

3. Move – Increase Circulation. Walking, bicycling, stationary biking, tennis are all activities that help pump out water and other fluids that can pool in your legs and ankles. Doing cardio type exercises with lightweight training will make you sweat and release trapped salt.

 4. Sip herbal tea. Parsley or uva-ursi tea can help flush out excess water without any harmful side affects, you can find these teas in most health foods stores.

5. Take Vitamin B6. Taking up to 250 milligrams of vitamin B6 daily helps reduce premenstrual water retention. This nutrient also reduces fluid buildup caused by hormone replacement therapy.

 6. Take Calcium. Researchers at the New York Metropolitan Hospital found that a daily calcium supplement provided relief from premenstrual water retention in three-fourths of the women who took it. If it’s safe for you, take 500-milligrams twice daily, one at breakfast and one at dinner. Ask your doctor whether these supplements are okay for you.

7. Increase Urine Formation – That’s right, Go more! You can release it or retain it. Foods such as cucumbers, asparagus and parsley contain natural substances that increase urine formation. Other vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, cabbage and mushrooms can facilitate water loss in conjunction with a low-carb good glycemic diet.

They require large amounts of water for digestion which helps pull it out from beneath the skin and into the digestive track. Plus they are high in fiber, which is healthy to keep your colon clear. A healthy clear colon will help flatten your belly and get rid of that belly puffiness.

Try these ideas out and experiment with them until you find your perfect formula for getting rid of that awful feeling excess water, bloating and puffiness. Shop around and look for the best prices so that you can continue to eat healthy and improve your modeling potential.

 Finally- If none of these work and if you are on medications go visit your doctor and give your her or him a list of all medications you are currently taking–both prescription and over-the-counter–and ask whether any alterations are appropriate. Switching to lower-dose estrogen in your hormone replacement therapy, for example, could reduce fluid retention. If you’re on steroidal medication, be sure to let your doctor know about your water-retention problems. She or he may prescribe a diuretic.

Now what about your man! check out my latest record breaking book! It’s on the cutting edge of controversy.  The program is unconventional and working awesome. No complaints from the ladies when their man gets harder body parts. It’s free for them Tuesday through Saturday. The info was a blazing hit in Europe!!!!!

Mark your calendars and get some new lingerie!

New Book U.S.A. Release Tuesday June 18- Saturday June 22!

Go get it! How Do I Lose Belly Fat /Alpha Male Style!

FINAL HOW_DO_I_Lose_Belly_1000x1333_3

Listen in on Wednesday as I talk about the controversial topics and Alpha Male Abs Transformation Program.

VBS Radio Show


Make this a powerful breakthrough week. The cosmos is vibrating: BREAKTHROUGH!!





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