Beyonce’s Rockin Super Bowl 50 FORMATION Ab Workout

25 Jul

Beyonce Superbowl 50 Half TIme Queen Ab Workout

Check Out Beyonce’s FORMATION Ab Workout In True Bey Style!

Beyonce’s The Queen of Entertainment and Was Voted to Have the Sexiest Abs in the Country

Beyonce is slaying the Super Bowl 50 Stage and she is looking amazing as always.  In true Bey style, She’s stirring up the controversy with her new song, titled “FORMATION”.

It’s awesome to see more women working their craft, training their body and still living their version of an authentic life.  She’s living her dream and being a mom,  a wife and an outspoken advocate for her cause.

I think her ab workout is tough and I also  put together a total plan in my “How Do I Get Abs?” Book on

Beyonce’s Ab Workout

To get you started with Beyonce’s workout, here’s the link to a quick program from one of her Trainers.

From GL’s Magazine: Ever wish you could get abs like a celeb? Now ya can. A-list trainer Marco Borges whipped up this tummy-flattening routine for us. Yay!

Beyonce’s trainer gifts Girl’s Life readers with an awesome ab workout!

To My Loyal Readers, clients and followers, 


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How Do I Get Abs Like Beyonce? And What is The Total Plan? I answered that in my book. 

This is the most asked question floating the internet worldwide.

Here’s why Beyonce just keep heating it up press!

Here’s what GQ had to say about Bey when they gave her this title. We’ve crowned her the #1 Hottest Woman of the 21st Century. Need proof? Here’s why

Sexiest Abs of The Century

Beyonce Sexiest Abs of The Century

Victoria- Fitness Celebrityjpg

Victoria Johnson. Fitness Celebrity. Professional Trainer. Over Ten  Million DVD/Videos Sold

Back to Beyonce…..

If you ever watch Beyonce rehearse you would see that she is focused, dedicated and committed to excellence.

That is exactly what it takes to get a body like that.  She dances for hours and loves every minute of it.   Her abs are a testament to effectiveness of dance moves, a good diet and regular cardio.

Beyonce is at a pinnacle of glory in her career.  She was crowned the Most Beautiful Woman of the year by GQ Magazine in February.    And her steamy half time performance of the most watched Super Bowl in history had dad’s fantasizing and mom’s hiding their little one’s eyes!

One thing for sure, she was hot, and not just because of the perfectly designed costumes, but because of her green healthy diet but also due to the detox drinks she uses before she does a performance. She likes to have a flat stomach and feel lighter when she is in front of the camera.

How do you get abs like Beyonce’s?

Abs that are flat, sexy and well conditioned are the foundation for optimum curves.  They are nicely toned.  They re not thick or bulky.  Yoga, dance moves and specific exercises for making a sculpting your waist are ideal.

Poor form and bad exercise selection can  create unnecessary injuries and make your abs pooch out which can lead to a sway in your lower back.  That can be unsightly and unhealthy.

Bey’s done it right, her abs have the perfect shape and that makes her sensual hourglass figure totally symmetrical.  That is the key to a feminine shape, symmetry.

Many ab workouts today are very masculine in nature and are designed by those who don’t understand the ration of hip to shoulder plumb line ratios.  That is what dancer’s use to establish balance, form and correct postural alignment. There is more science to this than meets the eye.

You have to perform the foundational ab moves dancers have known and loved for decades.  That is what is so appealing about dance, no matter where you go in the world, there are basic core exercises they use that makes your stomach flat, your abs tight and your core strong.

I have been dancing since I was old enough to walk. I have put together the Top 5 Ab Exercises For a Great AB Workout that will start you on your way to making heads turn wherever you go. It’s designed to help you get abs like Bey’s with a complete plan and secret flattening secrets that dancers have used for years.  I learned it when I trained with a renowned Dance Kinesiologist. She is another brilliant woman that has revolutionized dance fitness.

They exercises are extremely intricate.  At first glance, they look simple, but don’t let that fool you.  They are tough, effective and necessary for that GQ Cover look!

If you want to be next year’s most beautiful babe with a sexy set of abs, get your very own persona copy personal my Top 5 Ab Exercises For a Great Ab Workout. When you sign in you get a free goodie!

How Do I Get Abs

Till next time, as MS Britney says in her song, keep on “Dancing Till the World Ends”!

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