Kendall Jenner Ab Workout For A Flat Stomach

5 Feb

Kendall Jenner Is A Fit Business Queen Running Her Own Empire. Get some tips on how she keeps that lean beautiful figure.

kendall jenner drink detox weight loss fit tea

super sunshine glow kendall-jenner-.stunning figure! What does she eat and what kind of workout does she do to stay fit while running her own empire? Read more..

kendall jenner drink detox weight loss fit tea to lose weight

Kendall Jenner Working the Runway! She has a drop dead gorgeous body and a killer business Instinct. What does she drink to stay lean and sexy? HHmm. Read more…

How Do You Lose Weight and Stay Fit?

Kendall jenner used detox weight loss tea to lose weight

Kendal Jenner Rocks the Victoria Secret Runway! She was told she was too fat! She is a tough woman who proved them all wrong, What Did she do? Read more…

Kendall Looks Amazing You Can Too! 

Copy Flat TummyCchart and keep it on your phone! Then read through the article below for even more fun ideas!

30 flat abs and flat tummy for losing belly fat

Get a flat tummy and a great waist. Here are some great ideas and to really flatten your lower abs, check out our Skinny Detox Weight Loss Tea, It’s organic, safe and cleanses without harsh effects!

You Can Change Your Body Too! Kendall Jenner is a model with a flat stomach! It has not always been that way. She was actually told that she was too fat at one time. She took action and  changed that. She had to fight her genetic code all the way, so can you!

NOTICE!  YAY! We just got the express  shipment of our New Improved More Advanced Formulation of The Must Have Extreme Anti-Cellulite Slimming Cream. If you love Body Wraps and want so shrink your body overnight temporarily, you will love this best selling formula!

Is Your Jean Size A Slave To Your Gene Pool?

Have you ever felt destined to never be lean, fit, strong and look amazing in your clothes? If you’re reading propaganda filled pharmaceutical sponsored material, you probably are thinking “yes”.

If you will open your mind, step outside your comfort zone and look to what is possible, you will see that there is always a way get closer to having your dream body and lifestyle.  You know what else, it’s never too early and it’s never too late!  There is always something you can do to improve and get better.

Imagine being born into a living realty TV family like the Kardashians. You can’t pick up a magazine at the grocery counter without seeing one of them. You can also see that their focus on their weight is ongoing and never ending. That’s right, they are just like you and me, always thinking about their weight. LOL!!!

The One Who Defied Genetics

The one Kardashian Reality Star that seems to be kicking genetics in the butt and defying the round family DNA Code is Kendall. In spite of the body shape cells she was dealt, she found the formula for losing fat, sculpting long lean muscles and staying slim and healthy as she sashe’s down the catwalk.

Kendall had a goal and she took targeted action. She has a professional trainer, follows a weight training program and does serious cardio to stay slim and burn fat.  She even runs TO the gym and THEN gets on a treadmill.

Kendall jenner workout abs skinny tea for weight loss fit tea

Kendall Jenner Is in great shape and still has time to run her own company! What does she eat and do to stay so fit and beautiful? Read more..

Kendall’s trainer, Gunnar Peterson, Author of The Workout: Core Secrets from Hollywood’s #1 Trainer” helped her define her body with this Killer Ab routine below!  She has the right amount of tone for a model. She also developed the flat stomach required for wearing sleek designer gowns and barely nothing swim suits.

How about you? Want model abs and a tight midsection?  Give Kendall’s Hollywood Gunnarized Program a try for 30 days!

We chose two different photos for the workout. Yes, the workout is the same, but the photos are different. We like to mix things up at Victoria’s Body Shoppe…hehehe.

kendall jener ab workout skinny tea for weight loss fit tea

Kendall Ab Circuit She does with her trainer! WOW what a flat stomach and slim waist. Find out her entire program! Read more..

Kendall’s Diet – She eats a lower carb, less starch, fruits, vegetables and lean protein. She follows a delicious and healthy, Paleo principled nutrition program. She eats on a regular schedule as her time allows.

Kendall Loves Detox Tea

She loves Detox Tea. Sometimes she said she drinks 12 cups a day!  Even though I don’t drink that many cups, I do drink detox tea everyday too. I completely concur her total body shaping plan.

I was so overweight that no matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to lose weight and keep it off until I became a tea fanatic. I grew up drinking various teas, but I put body destroying sugar, fake cream and dangerous high fructose corn syrup flavorings in every cup. LOL

Lower Belly Bulge!

Thanks to all my advisory professionals and expert friends around the world who helped me understand the power of the RIGHT Herbal Detox Ingredients, I found a permanent solution to my lower belly sticking out…Tea! Tea is actually one of the best natural elements there is to prep your body to lose weight, stop bloating and release excess water retention.

Dimply Skin and Loose Skin Solution!

I also found out that if I lost weight too fast, I would get stretch marks, loose skin and a wrinkly face. To help me with this, one of my advisors introduced to a Special Skin Resturcturing Agent callen Matrixyl that kept my skin hydrated, firm and tight. I used it on my abs, butt and arms, it was totally spooky. Everything tightened back up!  I still use it. Every single day without fail, I slather it on after a shower.  And when I fly, I use it three times per day on my face to keep it wrinkle free. I love it and so do my clients!

skin tightener moisturizer anti wrinkle

Anti Wrinkle & Anti Aging Matrixyl Firms, Tightens and Helps Build New Collagen

  • VICTORIA’S NEW UPDATED FORMULA! DERMATOLOGIST APPROVED LIFT FIRM TIGHTEN & HYDRATE LOOSE SKIN FACE NECK DECOLLATE & ALL OVER YOUR ENTIRE BODY: Super-concentrated potent formulation of highly active ingredients that penetrates deeply into your skin cell Matrix to restore, regenerate and, rejuvenate and mega hydrate dull wrinkled skin. Our skin showing models love the instant smoothing, silkiness and firming results.

Bloated and Frustrated..I was even at a place in my career in front of the camera where I was so frustrated because I couldn’t get my stomach flat due to bloating and indigestion from certain diet foods and raw vegetables. I had to get some anti-bloating tea and it worked. I actually had a flat stomach, I just didn’t see it because of all the bloating! What if YOU are actually smaller than you think, but just can’t see it? HHHMM..How awesome would that be?

10 Benefits of Of Japanese Green Macha

It worked so well for me, that I added that very same ingredient in my own Skinny Weight Loss Detox Tea. Imagine sipping your way to a new dress size at the same time you are cleansing your liver, balancing your blood sugar, raising your metabolism and increasing your energy!

Water Flushes Fat!

You also have to get your water in every day! It took me two long years to realize that I need to drink water every day to flush my liver and keep it detoxed so that it could actually burn stored fat. Then a scientist colleague told me if I added enzymes to the water, it was even better and I could lose weight even faster and help keep my skin hydrated so it would be resilient and that could help prevent stretch marks along with essential mineral in the Seaweed Matrix Skin Tightener. 

VBS infuser water bottle

Love & Motivational Fruit Infused Water Bottle

Love is powerful. I learned at a lecture on self healing  that water has memory.. water is life…. and water responds to negative or positive elements and energy. I was done being fat, lethargic and having dull skin.

SO I went all in! I created a limited edition water bottle with positive words surrounding the water so that it would be infused with positive loving energy to help my body heal. This is totally life changing!

Plus, I went the extra mile and added motivational coaching phrases to help me stay in the game. Now you can have the same Limited Edition Fruit Infused Water Bottle to help you drink “love” infused water every day and stay in the game so that you can reach your true potential! Get yours today!

Solid Plan ..So you see with solid plan for training, keeping your body free of harmful fat building toxins and eating a clean diet and getting enough rest, it is possible to overcome your genetic code.

~ 60 Great Fall - Winter Outfits On The Street - Style Estate -

Kendall is a beautiful model, a budding business woman and a marketing machine building a great career. In my profession I witness extreme behaviors some models practice in order to have the body required to walk the runway. It’s refreshing to see that Kendall is using real fitness, healthy detox teas, a good clean diet along with a rejuvenating sleep pattern to achieve hers. She has to work at achieving a “model” size. I wish the same success for you and your endeavors.

Here’s Kendall’s Killer AB Circuit on one of her favorite photos of herself plain by the water. You can choose which photo to take to use for your workout. We were debating at the office so we chose both!

kendall-jenner ab workout and drinks skinny tea for weight loss

A Great Ab Circuit for the perfect swim suit body. Try it out at home at the gym. You can look better and feel tighter 30 days from now!

You Are Powerful!

When I was not fit, I had very little confidence, drive or belief that I could have my dreams come true. I was so self critical, that no one could beat me beating myself up. I would have paid any amount of money for the real truth of saving my health and repairing the damage I had done to my skin and endocrine system.  That is a part of my passion for developing my own brand of products that not only repair the body, they’re healing in nature and they  prevent future damage!

Now It’s Your Turn!  You have the power to achieve anything you are committed to. You have dreams and goals that are calling you.  I am here to help you answer the call. I want to help you by giving you the best, healthy for your body and kind to the planet, tools to step into your power and have the energy and confidence to do the things that will help you guarantee your success.

Victoria's SKinny Detox Tea

Go right now and get your very own Skinny Weight Loss Detox Tea and Matrixyl Hydrating Skin Tightener and start prepping your body to be a lean, beautiful high performance machine! Truly revolutionary, it helps to get rid of stretch marks and tightens sagging skin. We want it all my friend! And why not? The holidays are coming and we should be ready to rock our backless dresses with no dimples and bra hangover. It is a powerful and concentrated formula so the bottle is 30ml. So to help make it last longer, I use a little squirt and mix it with our Concentrated  Stretch Mark Cream or Our Super Rich Rejuvenation Cream for the larger body parts. That way I get double firming and softening power!

Matrixyl anti wirnkle anti aing moisturizer skin tightener

Best Hydrating Skin Tightener and Firming Cream, It is a revolutionary approach to getting rid of wrinkles and preventing them!


anti cellulite slimming cream for weight loss

Double bonus Body Shaping Power! This formula is a transdermal fat burner and skin tighter. It is un matched. It’s natural, hydrating and purifying at the same time!

  • BEST SKIN TIGHTENING ANTI CELLULITE CREAM FIRMING LOTION REDUCES DIMPLES, LUMPS ORANGE PEEL LOOK Natural Herbal Lipo Infusion. The root cause of cellulite is a toxic load in the fat cells, resulting in dimpling and improper cellular structure. The active ingredients in this formulation dissolve toxins, breaks up fatty tissue escorting them out of the hydro-cellular system beneath the skin. Then they are metabolized and flushed away. Leaving healthier and smoother sexy skin.
Extreme Slimming best cellulite cream

Natural Solution to Cellulite By a Professional! Burn Fat, detox, erase dimples, firm skin and lose inches. The Best Cellulite Cream on the market by a Fitness Professional working with models and celebrities!

Plus, if you have hyper pigmentation and uneven skin tone with dark spots like I use to have, you will love the my Professional Clinical Grade Natural Vitamin C and Hyualuronic Acid Serum. It is pure, organic and works wonders to even skin tone from sun damage and prepare your skin for the winter ahead.

best Vitamin c hyaluronic acid serum

POTENT CLINICAL STRENGTH VITAMIN 20% Vitamin C Serum for your face + vegan hyaluronic acid is the absolute highest quality vitamin c serum available. Clinical grade vitamin c proven to dramatically increase the production of collagen and stimulate cellular turnover.


















Tight Body and Fresh Face

I just love the way my body feels and my skin looks. I have used so many products, consulted with numerous scientists and dermatologists to finally come up with products this pure and effective! I thank you all for your support and loyalty to the brand. It’s finding it’s place in the fitness and rejuvenation market. It’s very exciting that you all are supporting a woman in business and helping me help others.

Defy Genetics and Ignore Pessimism 

Don’t be held back by the negativity of others,  your own doubts, fears or genetics. You can overcome anything if you have positive self belief and the right tools. I believe in you. I know you have more greatness inside ready to be unveiled. Start living it today my friend. Go for your dreams and only look to the future for your reward!

Best” is in all my product titles and on every label. Don’t settle for anything less than the Best. I didn’t, neither should you. You deserve the Best!

You rock!

Make Your Day Beautiful!


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