5 Tips To Beat Belly Bloat & Lose Fat Abs

2 Feb

Probiotics For Women’s Health Issues and Clearing Up Acne

giselle Uses Probiotics for Acne & Beautiful Skin.jpg

Giselle Brazil Super Model actually had acne like the rest of us? Her Secret Super Skin Solution: Probiotics for Beating Acne & Working Towards Gorgeous Skin! Read more….


tom brady and giselle brazil super model uses probiotics for acne

Giselle, Brazil Super Model and Tom Brady make a great couple. Did you know that Giselle Had acne and what did she do about it?

Giselle Using Probiotics for Acne Too?

Amazing, we know that you can use probiotics to help your digestion, help stop yeast infections and beating colds and the flu, but now we found out that Giselle Uses it for clearing up acne. Read more about the fantastic benefits of Probiotics here!  Click here: Giselle and Probiotics


How To Stop Bloating, Gentle Solution To Constipation and Lose Weight at the Same Time! There are some great ways to take care of all of them at the same time. Don’t wait to get relief, start today.

 Introducing Probiotics Complete Tea!

The Best Selling Total Detox, Skin Repair, Weight Loss, Immune Builder and Women’s Solution to Feminine Yeast Infections on the Market! Check it out now!

It’s so revolutionary, Amazon Is featuring it as a Lightening DEAL!

Probiotic Tea

Probiotic Complete, Total Detox, Cleanse, Weight Loss and Immune Builder All in one. $300 (cost of premium high-grade ingredients if bout separately) worth of Health all in one Bag!

Get Healthy Gut Probiotics Beat Bloated Belly and Lose Fat On Abs and Can Help You Create a Sexy Waistline and Get a Flat Belly!

Beat Belly Bloat Probiotics 1

Victoria, I have a round thick waistline and I would like to lose some fat and reshape it. What should I do? 
- Aisha,

Answer: Great question. Healthier hourglass figures are in and you don’t have to starve to have a skinny waist and sculpted hips, shoulders and flat abs anymore. Please take ten minutes and read through tis entire post. It may be one of the most important ones I have ever shared. It literally saved my life. I was so unhealthy, bloated, gassy and unhealthy. This information turned it all around for me. I hope it helps you too.

Figure-hugging fashion is so sexy and fun to wear. It’s not very pleasing when you put on a hot outfit and you look like a big round egg. 

When I was obese, I hated being bloated, puffy and hiding under blousy tops. Lol!

Janet Transforms Her Waistline Using Low Carb Healthy Diet

Janet Transforms Her Waistline Using Low Carb Healthy Diet

Girl, you are not alone! Even Janet Jackson and Jessica Simpson have been dealing with their waistline issue their entire career. I have covered both of their weight loss programs in my blog. They both used the same Quick Start Principles I use, teach and use with my elite clients when they lost weight before. They always do great when they are on the same type of plan. Their ab muscles pop, their lower belly flattens and their curves are dangerously sexy!

Demi Lavato Beforedemi-lovato After Waistline Transformation

DEMI LOVATO Before and After Body Transformation

They both look amazing today. Even Demi Lavato, who recently lost a lot of body fat and changed her shape, used the same principles. That’s why I give it to you for FREE when you buy our Weight Loss Products.

I’ve seen their interviews and they both love being more fit and curvy. 
Just like these beautiful ladies, 
I’ve been fat and I have been fit. I write from my heart, I prefer fit, healthy, sexy and curvy. How about you? Don’t you want to be fit, confident and healthy in your own body? I thought so. Keep reading and don’t stop till you get to the end. This is not a sexy topic, but it is one that can change your body and impact your health forever!

Bloated From the Inside Out – Digestive symptoms associated with too much bad gut bacteria:

Excess Weight Gain and Digestive Issues

Excess Weight Gain and Digestive Issues!

Constipation, Excess Weight Gain, Candida infection (candidiasis)   Excess intestinal gas, Chronic diarrhea, Chronic respiratory problems, Severe bruising problems, Chronic vaginal infections and Chronic bladder infections!

Candida word cloud on a white background.

Candida can attribute to poor gut health.

Other symptoms of gut flora imbalance may include: Hormonal problems, PMS and Menstrual complaints, Prostate trouble, Breast enlargement in men and Osteoporosis. Let’s look at one one the worst afflictions of women’s vaginal health.


Probiotics and Vaginal Health According to Harvard Health Probiotics may also be of use in maintaining urogenital health. Like the intestinal tract, the vagina is a finely balanced ecosystem. The dominant Lactobacilli strains normally make it too acidic for harmful microorganisms to survive. But the system can be thrown out of balance by a number of factors, including antibiotics, spermicides, and birth control pills. Probiotic treatment that restores the balance of microflora may be helpful for such common female urogenital problems as bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, and urinary tract infection.

Probiotics is one of the newest additions I personally have rediscovered and added back into my diet. I have also recommended them to some of my clients who get sick, experience bladder or yeast infections, seem to have a poor immune system and complain of being bloated all the time no matter what they eat.

Probiotics Help Improve Digestion and Gut Health

Probiotics Help Improve Digestion and Gut Health

What Are Probiotics? Probiotics are in your system when you were born.  Probiotics are live bacteria that are good for your health but especially good for your digestive system. When we think of bacteria we think about how they cause diseases and about how harmful bacteria can be. But the bacteria found in probiotics are helpful to your body – most specifically, your gut. They help to balance the good and bad bacteria in your body, which will help your body to work like it should.

It’s surprising to find out that there are 10 times more probiotics in your gut then cells in your body. That is astronomical to think your skin and digestive system by themselves play host to about 2,000 different types of bacteria.

2 Different Types of Probiotics      

* Lactobacill – This is the most important probiotic. You ill find this one in food products like yogurt and some other fermented foods. This type of probiotic can help with diarrhea and may help people who are lactose intolerant.

* Bifidobacterium – This type of probiotic can be found in most dairy products. This type will most likely help with any symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Illnesses Treated with Probiotics ~Probiotics have even been shown to treat bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, infectious diarrhea, and antibiotic-related diarrhea. Some people have also said that probiotics help skin conditions like eczema, urinary and vaginal health, help prevent allergies, and maintain oral health. Studies have also shown that while taking probiotics, there is an increase in the efficiency and function of the brain. Probiotics have been shown to be very beneficial. They help to prevent future sicknesses and help to treat the symptoms of certain illnesses. To help keep your body as healthy as it can possibly be, incorporating probiotics into your diet should be something to consider.

With the right amount of probiotics in your system, it makes it harder for any harmful bacteria to make their way into your body and create unwanted illnesses.

~Your good gut bacteria responsible for:

~Producing vitamin B-12, butyrate and vitamin K2

~Crowding out bad bacteria, yeast and fungi

~Creating essential enzymes that destroy the harmful bacteria

~Stimulating secretion of IgA and regulatory T Cells

The benefits of probiotics are shown to improve your immune system, increase healthy digestion and contribute to having more beautiful skin.

Probiotic Killers Most of us even, including children, are in need of a probiotic boost due to the use of prescription medication, poor diet, high simple carbohydrate intake and stress. Foods such as hormone-laden meat and dairy destroy the healthy probiotics in our system, which over time can create damage to our health and digestive tract.

 5 Probiotic Killers:

  1. Prescription Antibiotics
  2. Chemicals and Medications
  3. Sugar and Simple carbohydrates
  4. Certain Grains
  5. Emotional Stress

In order to improve your gut flora balance, (gut health), you want to avoid those probiotic killers. And Increase probiotic rich foods and ingest good probiotic teas and supplements. That is the best solution to solving this this issue and healing your digestive system and your gut.

Improvements From Healthy Gut By Improving Probiotic Intake.

 This is great news. It feels so good to be rid of bloating and see my skin heal.~Probiotic Benefits Shown by Research and In Current Study:

~Boost immune system

~Heal inflammatory bowel conditions like IBS4

~Weight Loss

~Manage and prevent eczema in children

~Prevent and treat urinary tract infections

~Improve digestive function

~Fight food-borne illnesses

~Less colds and flus

~Improved food digestion


Okay now you know have the science, let’s get to your plan to help you get that body you always dreamed of, get rid of the fat abs and belly bloating and help you gain awesome long term health in the process.

Beat Belly Bloat Probotics 2

5 Steps To Beat Belly Bloat, Lose fat On Your Abs & Create a Sexy Waistline & Get a Flat Belly Plan

  You can take get them from certain foods, supplements and our new tea. Here are the steps to your new-body plan.

1.Eat More Probiotics. You can take get them from certain foods, supplements and our new tea. Probiotics are mostly found in foods like:

* Yogurt – This is one of the most familiar sources of probiotics. When buying yogurt, look for the ones that list live and active cultures.

* Sauerkraut – Eat the unpasteurized sauerkraut because pasteurization will kill the active and good bacteria.

* Cheese – This acts as a carrier for probiotics. Eating cheese can help to boost your immune system as long as you are not lactose intolerant.

* Sour pickles – Eating pickles without the use of vinegar in the pickling process is the best. Instead, look for pickles with a sea salt and water solution. This type of pickle will help feed the growth of good bacteria and will help with digestion.

2. Stop Eating Bad Carbs at Night and Increase Your Water Intake. 
The fastest way to gain weight in your midsection is by eating a little during the day and a lot at night. Your metabolism is slowest at night and when you mack out on chips, cookies, ice cream and other fat loving snacks your waist will expand faster than the USA Budget. 

Replace snack with Fruit Infused Water. Our recipe book has over 50 recipes to help you drink more electrolytes. It has been shown that when you drink fruit infused water instead of expensive soda, sugary drinks and sugary snacks, you can save hundreds of dollars a year and eat up to ten pounds LESS sugar!


 Motivational Fruit Infused Water Bottle & Recipe Book!

3.Eat More Good Protein.
Protein helps stabilize your hormones and puts the kibosh on late night cravings. So eat some protein at every meal.

4.  Get Your Cardio on.
Four to five times a week for 45-60 minutes is necessary for your body to
get to a fat burning level that can penetrate abdominal fat, also known as
belly fat.

You can read more about this on my blog.

Perfect Curve Creation Move!

5. Quick Start Cleanse With Our Probiotic Tea Cleanse. We are changing the game. Combing healthy, cleanse detox and restoring all at the same time. To purchase the ingredients separately at the grade, quality and quantity of our product, it would cost you over $200 and a ton of time.


Use our Premiere First Ever Probiotic Detox Tea for 28 days to start off. Get your free Detox Guide and use the tips to help you cleanse your body, which will help eliminate bloating and excess fecal matter in your colon that makes your lower belly stand out. It also detoxes your digestive tract and starts the process of improving your immune system, healing your gut and improving your probiotic balance in your gut. That is the key to jump-starting weight loss, addressing your reproductive system health and improving your overall health and immune system.


 Workout & Whittle Away Your Waistline

To help you with the shape of your abs, waist, lower belly and midsection you have to train the muscles in that area. My favorite waist-whittling sexy curve creating midsection move is a Russian Twist.

Abs workout - fitness woman working out on beach doing russian twists exercises with raised legs to tone body and train oblique muscles.

Russian twist core workout with raised legs to shape and tone midsection and train oblique muscles.

Seated Russian Twist – You can do them with a 5 pound weight, medicine ball or no weight. 

  • Sit on the ground with your knees bent and your heels about a foot from your butt or raised off the ground if you are strong enough.
  • Lean slightly back without rounding your spine at all. It is really important, and difficult, to keep your back straight, but don’t let it curve.
  • Hold a weight or a medicine ball just below your chest. Keep the weight close you and progress by moving weight further away from your body.
  • Pull your navel to your spine and twist slowly to the left. The movement is not large and comes from the ribs rotating, not from your arms swinging. Inhale through center and rotate to the right. This completes one rep.
  • Do 16 full rotations.

Sets & Reps – Do Four sets of 16 total rotations per set 3 times per week!

Drop and give me thirty Russian Twists right now. Really, start immediately. Take action today! Start cutting the simple carbs out of your diet, drink 2 quarts of filtered water and drink your probiotic tea every morning and every afternoon for 28 days. That will help you lose fat faster.

Get to the gym tonight or hit the streets and do some cardio and you will see results by next Monday! 

Remember that cardio burns fat, weight training tones the muscles, low carb foods fuel your metabolism and probiotics makes your gut healthy and prevents bloating and improves digestion, vitamin, mineral and protein uptake as well as improve your overall health.

There you have it Aisha! Get to it. A complete plan. You have to do it all to see long-term positive results. You can do it. You’re health and your life is worth it.

See The Latest New Probiotic Tea! You not only get your health regenerating Probiotics, you also get 8 organic herbs that detox your system, cleanse your colon, restore your digestion and regenerate new healthy cells. This is a game changer in women’s health. You get to lose water retention, improve your digestion and restore your healthy gut flora all at the same time . Normally you would have to take several expensive products to do this. Not now, you get it all in one bag! YES!! I love technology and innovation.  Check out the type of probiotic we decided to offer to you. It’s Ganenden BC30

Beat Belly Bloat Probiotics 5

Tea Bag

Probiotic Complete Tea

Burn The Fat Once and Forever!

While you are detoxing, make sure you get work on getting all the junk out of your cells, especially if you have dimples or cellulite, the Extreme Firming Cream is The Bomb! It is not only a fat destroyer, it is a skin firmer too. Many times when you’re tying to drop inches, you end up with saggy skinned stretch marks where the fat use to be. This is one of the most powerful transdermal fat burners on the market.

NOT NOW! This formulation is unmatched. It is packed with essential skin firming ingredients as well as her hitting weapons that break down fat and destroy it from a cellular level. DO not use a lot of it, because it is potent. It is best to use a dime size in you hands and then massage it vigorously into the fatty areas on your body  where you want to lose inches.  Wash your hands immediately after you are done, or even better, use gloves. That way  you don’t accidently rub them on an area you DON’T want to reduce!

Victoria's Extreme Slimming Gel

Perfect for at home body wraps. At a spa I use to love, I would have a cellulite wrap treatment that cost me $125.00 And it was only 45 frickin’ minutes long. So of course being a body fanatic, I researched and found our own perfect formulation so we could do it at home. This jar can do up to 10 lower body wrap sessions and about 6 for total body. You don’t need a lot because it is so concentrated with optimum fat annihilating ingredients.

Anti Celulite Body Wrap

And to help flush the toxins off your skin and clear up your face and back of rough spots, imperfections and breakouts, you have to try the Model Series Best Retinol Moisturizer! If you don’t love it, you can have all your money back! Check it out now!81OIVvb1gyL._SX522_

Burn Fat Faster 6

This is an amazing Product. Read About it! – Retinol is Beauty in a Bottle for Skin Rejuvenation!

  • BEST SELLING AND BEST PERFORMING SKIN TIGHTENING & FIRMING FORMULA SUPERIOR SKIN RESTORING INGREDIENTS • Gym workout for your skin. Tone and Firm, smoothes wrinkles, fine lines and evens skin tone. Camera models preferred choice for a flawless palette. Complete formula with Retinol + Hyaluronic Acid + Olive Oil + Rose Water and hydrating essential oils. Highly active ingredients goes on smooth, absorbs quickly and sinks deep into your skin layers to help assure maximum results.
  • PROFESSIONAL CLINICAL STRENGTH • Our formula contains the power of Vitamin A for firming, rejuvenating, refining and natural essential oils for hydrating and restoring your precious skin. We use only the best premium ingredients naturally effective for rejuvenating your skin. This formula contains a perfect combination of advanced anti-inflammatory and anti aging ingredients used by Dermatologist today for your face, hands and body.
  • DOUBLE THE SIZE • A full 50 ml of pure sexy skin transforming cream. There’s nothing worse than buying a product and you just start seeing results only to run out! Not now, you get this big bottle with a vacuum airless pump so you can use every drop. A total value. A bottle this size, of the same formula at one of my former
  • RETINOL AND HYALURONIC ACID • YES! Both high-grade skin enhancing elements for your skin in one formulation with bonus moisturizers to help you look office, nightclub runway and beach ready in less time. Our total face saving and smooth making anti-wrinkle, anti-aging cream will be working on your face every time you put it on. Even under your make up it will be pumping overtime,

ALL SKIN TONES & SENSITIVE SKIN • Great for all skin tones. Repairs uneven skin, sun damage and removes sun and brown spots. YES! Reduces wrinkles, fine lines. You will witness your skin become smooth, firm and glow like you were under the lights on the runway. Works while you are sleeping. Imagine waking up to waking up with a firmer version of your face! Order your first bottle today. We have a 100% money back guarantee.

Make this an awesome week!

Your Celebrity Trainer

Victoria Johnson XOXO


Beat Belly Bloat 3 Probiotics




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