Janet Jackson Loses Her Belly Fat

22 Dec

Janet Drops 60 Pounds and loses her belly fat.

She is styling at a svelte 120 pounds.
She is heavy in the media right now talking about her new movie release: Why Did I Get Married?

Janet Jackson might have had many achievements and milestones in her singing career, but what spoke to me most was her amazing fat loss of 60 pounds in just 4 months.

Janet Jackson Sounds bit like a dream, isn’t it? Most of us may shrug it off saying that she is wealthy enough to hire a personal trainer and a personal chef that helped her through. But leaving aside, these factors.

Janet Jackson’s weight loss was a result of 4 months of rigorous systematic exercise and a controlled diet. Apart from this she had one magic tool that made her lose weight – Motivation. She had the motivation to fight it out and stick to her diet no matter how hungry she felt and stick to her exercise program no matter how difficult it was.

Even if you don’t have as much money Janet had and her personal chef and trainer. You can still lose weight. Any one who has motivation can lose weight.

Janet had a balanced glycemic diet. Her Nutritionist David Allen made her eat four meals a day. Added together these four meals did not exceed 1500 calories. Janet says, “they were small portions but enough to satisfy your palate and keep you moving.”

She omitted all the junk that she had as a part of her diet. She says, “We cut out processed foods, white sugar and white flour, alcohol, sodas, and she drank about 2-3 liters of Water a day.”

Here’s a sample of her daily diet menu that is like My Diet Program

BREAKFASTVictoria's Program
6 Egg Whites
1/3 cup of Oatmeal
4 ounces of Chicken and

She Is Dining Fresh and Spending Some Cash
Janet Jackson has just provided a huge boost to an Los Angeles based company called Fresh Dining. A few months ago Janet Jackson weighed 180 pounds. Now she has lost 60 pounds in just four months. This weeks Us magazine has Janet on their cover, looking fantastic. And in the magazine, Jackson reveals that her diet consists of getting all her prepared diet meals delivered to her door each day.

Fresh Dining is only available to residents of Los Angeles and Orange Counties. If you live there, you too can get meals delivered to your door everyday. The service is not cheap.

It costs about $55 per day for three organic meals and two snacks. The meals are planned around how quickly you want to lose weight. You can choose the 1,000 calorie package or the 1,400 calorie package.

This is exactly why I created my Quick Start Energy Program. It is developed with the same principles that Janet uses, except the entire program I created costs less than one day of her plan! Plus, it has so much motivational tips to help you stay committed.

Losing Your Belly Fat Workout

If you have not seen the Truth About Abs, then you must go there and check these guys out. They have some pretty revolutionary ideas about losing your belly and building a super tight, super hot six pack like Janet has done.

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